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Hey Guys, Kaushik here and THANK YOU for Stopping by to check out my Print Profits 2.0 Review!

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Print Profits 2.0 Review

Ecommerce is undeniably the latest and greatest money making system taking the internet by storm. The results are undeniable with people making great money while working from their computer, some are even amassing a fortune. But as a seasoned veteran of online sales, the only way to be successful in ecommerce is with the right training.

In this Print Profits 2.0 review, I’m going to be taking a closer look at Print Profits 2.0 — In this course Fred and Michael will show you how to build a business from scratch using print-on demand.

Print Profit 2.0 is more than another online guide, it is a detailed system on how to operate your own dropshipping business with almost zero startup capital. It is a system that will guide you through the creation of your online store with case studies, blueprints, formulas, and templates. This is not your standard dropshipping model, Print Profit 2.0 is new and unique.

Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Print Profits 2.0 Review

Product:Print Profits 2.0
Creator:Michael Shih & Fred Lam
Release Date:2019-Jun-10
Launch Time:11:00 EDT
Official Website:Click Here
Recommended?Yes, without Hesitation

You may already know that Fred Lam is a huge supporter for dropshipping. But what if I tell you that there’s another segment of opportunity where you can profit over 7 figures in sales online, without investing a single penny in inventory?

Fred Lam and Michael Shih, an underground millionaire, want to introduce to you this all new training course on how to build a 100% automated eCommerce business using nothing but print-on-demand.

Fred and Michael put together Print Profits 2.0 with their students in mind. We understand what eCommerce can do for the lives of our students. I also know that they are often held back by several obstacles like.

  • How to build a highly profitable business without worrying about competition?
  • How to build a highly profitable business without worrying about competition?
  • How to sell hundreds of products with just a small $5 daily budget?
  • How to dominate Facebook Ads and sell products completely unique to you?

This list goes on and on.

That’s why Fred and Michael are happy to announce the release of Print Profits 2.0. This training course series will reveal a never-seen-before business model and provide solutions to those challenges!

Print Profits is broken up into 8 modules. Fred and Michael will show you how to build a business from scratch using print-on demand. There will be case studies, blueprint formula, and templates you can follow to implement right into your business.

This one program alone shows you the complete step-by-step on how to build a profitable online business using print-on-demand.

Print Profits 2.0 Review Video

About The Creators of Print Profits 2.0.

In the world of Ecommerce there are hundreds of people who call themselves experts, but few have the credentials to back up their claims.

Michael Shih

Creator of Print Profits 2.0 review

Michael Shih has been a digital entrepreneur since 2013. He has built multiple 6-figure businesses from local marketing to networking marketing to CPA marketing. Through his years of venture, he has accidentally discovered his true potential which is running his own online stores through Shopify with print on demand. Michael has managed to take his first store to 6 figures in just 60 days using nothing but print on demand. He has also achieved the Two Comma Club from Clickfunnels by generating over 1MM with just one funnel and print on demand.

Creator of Print Profits 2.0

Fred Lam

Fred started his career as a dishwasher, but he wanted more out of life. After intense study and practice Fred was able to earn his status as one of the youngest internet marketers. Today, Fred manages his multi million dollar online business portfolio.

Print Profits 2.0 Review: What’s Inside Print Profits?

Within Print Profit 2.0 you will get 8 modules full of strategies and knowledge.

Module #1 Build:- This module is for your basics, a full explanation of Ecommerce and the building blocks of success. It contains a total of 16 tutorial videos. These are:

  • A Domain
  • Creating Your Logo
  • Acquiring Support Email
  • Setting Up Shop
  • Getting A Toll Free #
  • Configuring Your Store
  • Recommended Apps
  • Mail Chimp
  • Abandonment Protector Plus
  • Urgency Text
  • Pixel Bay
  • Trackr

Module #2 Design:- This module is all about design. This is where you learn how to design a beautiful store.

  • Design Theory
  • Design Research
  • Research Shortcut
  • Hiring A Designer
  • Working With A Designer
  • Creating Your Own Designs
  • Copyright/Infringe Protection

Module #3 Preparation:- This module is all about suppliers, pricing, and products.

  • Overview
  • Suppliers & Products
  • Supplier App Install
  • Price Psychology
  • Facebook For Business
  • Creating Your Fan Page
  • Audience Research
  • Facebook Graph Search Method
  • Google Search Method
  • Your Royal Fans

Module #4 Attract:- This module is about generating traffic through Facebook and basic strategies.

  • Overview
  • Face book Advertising
  • Pixel Mastery
  • Ad Types
  • Ad Creatives
  • Ad Manager
  • Interest Marriage
  • Facebook Blueprint
  • Phase 1 – Spearhead Method

Module #5 Optimization:- This module is a deep dive on Facebook ads and how to create a winning concept.

  • Ad Performance
  • Kill or Scale
  • Scaling Your Ads
  • Breakout Method
  • Kartel Method
  • Ripple Method
  • Vertical Scaling
  • Horizontal Scaling
  • Manual Bidding

Module #6 Delivery:- This module is on managing the social media pages you will need.

  • Overview
  • Managing Your Pan Page
  • Automated Comment Moderation
  • Running Your Business
  • Customer Service

Module #7 Funnel Scaling:- This module teaches you how to use third party apps to enhance your store.

  • Funnel Overview
  • ClickPunnels Setup
  • CartHook Setup
  • Funnel Setup
  • Shopify Buy Button

Module #8 Expansion:- In this last module you’ll learn how to retarget your website visitors. Finishes by showing you how to make your first sale!

  • Email Marketing
  • Retargeting With Ads Google Brand Search Campaign
  • Selling Your Business
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

With thousands of sources claiming to teach you ecommerce success, what sets Print Profit 2.0 above the rest? Anyone who has made a couple dollars can make a video claiming to teach you dropshipping, but it is tough to separate the successful from the lucky. However, Michael Shih and Fred Lam have years of success to back up their methods. Written out in 8 easy to read modules, all the knowledge you need will be in one convenient place.


  • Breaking down the modules makes referring back to them extremely easy. No more scanning through an hour long video, the information is easy to find when you need it.
  • The owners have a proven track record of success that is highly public. No tricks, just clean work.
  • There is a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the program.
  • There are bonuses for helping your friends out by referring them to Print Profit 2.0. There are also over $50,000 in prizes being offered to new learners.
  • The course is extremely comprehensive, you can begin with no experience at all.
  • The support team is strong and responsive. If you have a question, it will get answered, period.


  • Some of the modules begin too basic for experienced users. If you have some experience in online marketing considered skipping through knowledge you already have.
  • As good as the program sounds, it is not a get rich quick scheme. Real work needs to be put in to get the results you desire.
  • The course is not cheap, consider it a serious investment of both your time and money.
  • Even when the videos were detailing new info I occasionally found them somewhat dry.

Overall I believe the course is a winner. If you are seriously considering the dropshipping business I urge you to invest in the best resources. Every day people try to start dropshipping and end up failing because they did not build the knowledge necessary to succeed. Print Profit 2.0 will provide you with all the tools you need to be a successful dropshipper, if you put in the effort you will succeed!

MobiFirst Review

Hey Guys, Kaushik here and THANK YOU for Stopping by to check out my MobiFirst Review!

Click here if you want to visit the official MobiFirst website.

MobiFirst Review

In this Review, I’m going to be taking a closer look at MobiFirst — it is the first of it’s kind mobile site builder, that uses Mobile First technology to construct web pages. MobiFirst build the fastest websites on the internet that are virtually guaranteed to land you higher In Google search results!

Here’s everything you need to know about it.

MobiFirst Review – Overview

Creator:Todd Gross
Release Date:2019-Jun-10
Launch Time:11:00 EDT
Front-End Price:$37 – $67
Official Website:Click Here

What Is MobiFirst?

MobiFirst is the first of it’s kind mobile site builder, that uses Mobile First technology to construct web pages.

This is one of the biggest releases that you have ever seen on internet.

MobiFirst goes about building a website the complete opposite way of virtually every other site builder out there, and the results are undeniable.  Time and time again, MobiFirst produces lightning fast websites…

MobiFirst is a website builder that lets you build Mobile websites first, and then add elements for larger screen later. This is the first-time website building has been approached this way, the way that Google wants.. and you can build sites for you and optionally YOUR CLIENTS that Destroy your competition.

MobiFirst Members Area

MobiFirst Review: Who Is MobiFirst For?

MobiFirst is for anyone who has a website and relies on Google search for traffic and wants the best performing websites on every type of device.  So to put it bluntly, it’s for EVERYONE =).

What Does Mobile First Mean And Why Is It So Important?

As of March 2018, Google started slowly implementing their “Mobile First” algorithm into it’s search engines.  In a nutshell, websites that load faster and perform better across mobile, tablet and desktop devices, rank higher in Google’s search.  It’s a change that makes it imperative to have the best performing websites on ALL devices across EVERY niche.

MobiFirst Review: How Does MobiFirst Work?

MobiFirst is the first of it’s kind mobile site builder, that uses Mobile First technology to construct web pages.  All other website builders, you design a webpage for a larger desktop screen first, then you condense that page to fit a tablet, and condense it even more to work on a phone.  It’s what is called “Mobile Friendly” and “Mobile Responsive”.

MobiFirst completely switches the process, by first building for a phone, and then adding elements (if you want) to fit on larger screens. THE RESULTS ARE TREMENDOUS – AND GAME CHANGING, JUST LOOK FOR YOURSELF.

Learn more about Mobifirst review

When I was comparing between MobiFirst website and my original website, there was such a massive difference. The MobiFirst website had a higher loading speed. According to recent studies, a person on your webpage gets bored if it loads for more than 7 seconds. To my surprise, the load time was 1.37s.

MobiFirst Site Speed Test

MobiFirst Review: Features & Benefits

The site speed of MobiFirst built sites is undeniable. The advantage in Google search is shocking with MobiFirst built websites. You see the dramatic improvement in site load times.

MobiFirst is a closed source cloud-based sitebuilder, making it virtually impenetrable to security threats unlike WordPress which is open source, needs constant updates, heightened security measures, and is still vulnerable to threats. Build an unlimited number of sites and host them all with MobiFirst for a one-time fee!

MobiFirst offers complete design flexibility with dozens of pre-made website templates that you can customize to fit any website need or you can start from scratch. CSS editing is also an option for more advanced designers.

MobiFirst is an intuitive widget-based site builder. Simply select the widget that fits your content need and you’re done. It’s the equivalent of WP plugin without the headaches of compatibility – and it all works seamlessly.

MobiFirst speeds up the editing process.  Unlike other builders where you have to save changes, check them, then go back and re-edit, re-save, and re-check over and over and over until you see what you like.  MobiFirst allows you to clone websites, webpages, and even parts of pages so you can look at and compare each edit side-by-side. You can even see what your site will look like on a phone, tablet, and desktop all in ONE editing preview.

MobiFirst Offers TWO Choices: Personal and Commercial. The one-time fee Commercial license allows your customers to build unlimited websites and have them all hosted on the platform at a NON-recurring fee and your customers can build websites for their clients as well.


Proprietary Ability to determine what is viewed on each device
You decide exactly what content you want to show on mobile, tablet, and desktop. 
MobiFirst AUTOMATICALLY detects the device and shows the desired content!

Equipped with E Commerce Capabilities no Product limit or Bandwidth limit (that is big) – (Yes)
Enable the E Commerce widget and enjoy selling products directly from MobiFirst.  No Product limits, no bandwidth limits, instantly integrates with PayPal and Stripe for direct payments. Record sales, invoices, get email notifications, and more!

Style Section
Completely customize the style of your website from backgrounds, headers, footers, fonts, to custom CSS, and more.  Or, if you want a completely different look, you can even switch between entire website themes without losing work already done!

Theme Selection
MobiFirst comes equipped with 70+ website themes to choose from, ranging across dozens of different niches.  Each theme is 100% customizable to your liking.

Abundant Widget Selection
MobiFirst uses the modular concept of widgets which allows you to customize each widget to fit your desired design. With over 20 already in place, and more to come, your options for site design and functionality are endless. Think of a new element you would want to see available. Let us know. We will constantly be adding new ones, as well.

Clone Widgets
You can easily duplicate content and designs. Let’s say you create a section on a website that you know you’ll want to use for future sites. You can simply save and clone the widget so it’s always available for you to use on another of your MF sites!

Clone Sites
You can even clone entire websites and make them new themes to choose from when you start future projects. When you are happy with a site, this allows you to create new sites from it extremely fast!

Regular Platform Updates
We are constantly updating the MobiFirst platform to make designing and building websites fun and easy for you. Have ideas on how MobiFirst can work better? Let us know! It will be part of the updates.

Multiple Languages
Build websites in entirely different languages! Currently in English, French, Italian, and German with more languages on the way!

Each page is equipped with full SEO capabilities. Hide pages from search engines, if you want. Add titles and descriptions for META SEO and Open Graph (for social media).

With one click you can add a customizable, full-fledged blog to any page!

Here Are Just SOME Examples Of The Mind Blowing Professional “Done-For-You” Website Templates Inside MobiFirst…

MobiFirst Review: Members Area Sneak Peek

MobiFirst Demo Video

My MobiFirst Bonus

MobiFirst Review & Bonus


MobiFirst Bonus #1
MobiFirst Bonus #2
MobiFirst Bonus #3
MobiFirst Bonus #4
MobiFirst Bonus #5

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To Your Success!

Kaushik Das