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Lead Conversion Squared Review & Best LCS2 Bonus

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Lead Conversion Squared Review

One of the ways that online businesses boost their profits is by increasing their leads and conversion rates. Unfortunately, some lead programs and techniques don’t work effectively as promised. Also, some are very complicated for non-tech savvy marketers.

But, some programs actually work. Today, we will talk about a program that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years; Lead Conversion Squared (LCS2). Our Lead Conversion Squared review will help you decide whether or not to purchase this program.

Let’s get started.

Lead Conversion Squared Review

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What Is Lead Conversion Squared?

This system assists online businesses to boost leads, which expands business opportunities. It helps you convert leads into real customers. LCS2 was created by Chad Nicely and Daven Michaels, who’re well known digital marketers.

With this system, individuals can find new and better lead conversion methods. Apart from converting leads into customers, the system features pre-trained virtual assistants to help you increase your leads every month.

LCS2 is a suitable platform for internet marketers, website owners, online starters, and everyone else who runs business on the internet. Once you sign up for LCS2, you’ll be trained on lead generation steps. Additionally, individuals also receive a reseller license and a powerful CRM.

How Does LCS2 Work?

The hardest part of running a business is attracting customers and making sure that they don’t leave without purchasing. Now, since this is a Customer Relationship Management system, businesses use it to better relationships with potential customers and ultimately turn them into real buyers.

This program helps you track the interaction with clients both existing and potential buyers. Plus, it features several other steps that automate the lead conversion process hence saving time and effort.

LCS2 features automated follow-ups using email or messages, sales funnel, a tagging system, etc. You can use this program to put a highly converting landing page which helps track and collect lead information. Thus, businesses can build an email list of quality subscribers who become loyal customers.

Lead Conversion Squared Features

  • CRM Software– when you sign up on this program, you get a reseller license to CRM. This marketing program comes with a powerful system for tagging, text messaging, etc.
  • Pre-trained Virtual Assistants– these help businesses generate more leads per month.
  • Lead Magnet– this digital business card simplifies the process of turning cold traffic into leads. It allows adding unique mock-ups of your business cards that help increase conversion.

What’s included in LCS Squared?

The first thing included in Lead Conversion Squared is a step-by-step process on how you can generate high-quality leads and avoid cold calls or ads that will waste your time. This software has been well designed such that you only get the best out of the sales process, no hustles, and no strains of running from one place to another to get cheap leads which might not pay you in the end.

Second, you get a well-trained virtual assistant who will help you get 1,000 high quality leads in a month. With these leads, you will be able to convert to high-profit business and thus you will be able to generate more income.

Third you will get an agency license to resell the most innovative new lead nurturing platform. With this program you will be able to make more money by generating high quality leads which is what most entrepreneurs are aiming for.

Fourth is the 7-Day masterclass training on how you can get high quality generating leads easily without much complication and conversion of those leads to sales.

Is Lead Conversion Squared Legit?

According to a press released on 26th, August 2020 about Masterclass, it states that Lead Conversion Squared has no credibility issues and therefore it is legit and proven digital marketing system.

LCS2 Pricing

You can purchase this software only on the official website. Your purchase gets you the software, webinars, lead conversion strategies, training, etc. These features help you get a clear picture of the kind of online business you’re creating.

There are two pricing options for this program. Users can either pay $2997 which is one time or pay in two installments of $1497 each. But don’t worry as there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee for those unsatisfied with this program.

Pros or Cons of LCS2


  • It is easy to learn – Lead Conversion Squared is created by a marketer who has been teaching his audience for long and therefore has extensive knowledge on digital marketing. With the different types of marketing and conversion strategies, it will be easy to learn and use this software.
  • Don’t require technical skills – Once you attend the 7-day masterclass you will get all information you need to succeed as a digital marketer or online business owner without many complications or skills needed.
  • Unique approach – The methods and steps used in this software are easy to follow and adopt and they are also completely exceptional and unique from those of other competitors.
  • Affordable – From the description of Lead Conversion Squared and how it works it will be affordable for everyone willing to make high quality lead generation and conversions.
  • Proven Method – This software is unveiled by an expert who has been making millions of money through the same process for a long period. Therefore as a user, you will follow the proven steps and you will succeed in your business as well.


The program is not yet launched

Final Verdict

Lead Conversion Squared is a good program for someone who wants to get more customers. It is reasonably priced, easy to use and features proven strategies. Apart from a full CRM system, LCS2 also offers landing pages templates and virtual assistants who help in every phase of your business.

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