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Digital Worth Academy Review

Digital Worth Academy by Sara Young and Andrew Hansen are here to offer to help you if you want to create passive income online without much hassle. The owners have firsthand experience as they have a successful online business. Many people have critiqued the program positively and negatively, and their opinions have been used in this Digital Worth Academy review.

So, what is Digital Worth Academy?

DWA is an online coaching program with a software suite which is focused on how to build a highly profitable authority site for online money earning. It has three key components:

a) Searching for low competition earning niches and sub-niches
b) Building blogs which in future turns to big content platforms
c) Using the best SEO tools to get traffic

The aim of this Digital Worth Academy program is aimed to help you create websites that can earn program users more than $10k monthly and sell the sites 30 times more on online marketplaces. For example, if you are getting $10k monthly earnings, you can sell the website for $300k.

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What is inside DWA Program?

The program consists of the following components:

1. The Course

The course consists of 150 video tutorials, thirty modules, and seven different areas. If you start from the start to the end, you will have learned everything. The modules offer simple procedures of building a profitable digital asset from the start.

2. The coaching program

The coaching is done by the program owners and their coaching team. The program coaches are former program students, and they have their websites. They use one to one chats, live webinars, and setup process, to couch and offer support. Once a student becomes perfect, they are hired to provide training on couches in the program.

3. Software tools

The program suite uses online tools to determine the best keywords, a profit calculator and figure out the competition before starting a niche. The tools are aimed to offer an advantage over the competitor. The tool-kits offer students help in choosing the best niche of their interest.

4. Community

Digital Worth Academy coaching has a Facebook group and a forum where the users can communicate with other system members and help each other. The program provides a member login where their clients can log in to network and do relationship building.

5. Outsourcing of Staff

In case you don’t have the time or knowledge to perform all these tasks by yourself, the program has a team of verified staff who can offer the help you need to create your business. The staff is experts in content creation, web design, SEO, and keyword research.

How much does it cost?

The payment cost of the program stands at $1997, or you can pay it in 3 installments of $797. The pricing is a bit high, but it is worth it if you consider the program outcomes. Also, the program comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.


The creators of the program are successful in this kind of business, so, that is a sign the program is working. If you are planning on earning from your digital properties, then you need to try the program. It is a beautiful course that is designed to help you develop a good strategy to transform an online asset into an investment worth millions.

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