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Amazing Selling Machine X Review

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Welcome to my Amazing Selling Machine X Review, Click here if you want to visit the official website.

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Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback, completely re-engineered Amazing Selling Machine from the ground-up to make it better, faster, and easier for new ASM members.

Every single video, every single lesson, every single module is BRAND NEW.

This is truly the best version of ASM yet.

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Amazing Selling Machine X Review

Have you ever yearned to sell products on Amazon? Have you always wanted to own your own products on Amazon? Would you want to have an online business that would replace your regular income? If the answers to these questions is yes you may want to try out the Amazing Selling Machine X.

What is Amazing Selling Machine 10 (ASMX)?

The Amazing Selling Machine X is a step by step course that enlightens members on how to build a profitable business on Amazon. Developed by Matt Clark & Jason Katzenback‎, this unique product was launched in April 2013. Both Matt and Jason have a great experience in Amazon. The program is, therefore, a complete package to selling products on amazon.

What is ASMX?

ASMX is the 10th improved iteration of ASM and is our best version ever for teaching people, from all over the world, how to leverage the power of Amazon to get a piece of its expected sales of nearly $220 billion in 2018.

Amazon has been expanding like crazy by breaking into markets no other online retailer has attempted before. They’ve broken into the realm of drones, local store purchases, international markets, and more. As Amazon has grown, so have we!

ASMX: The Best ASM Ever Created

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How is ASM10 Different?

Amazing Selling Machine X has been completely upgraded and includes the newest and best strategies for scaling on Amazon. Now, Matt and Jason ready to reveal everything they have learned in this brand new program.

Eight-Module Web Class – UPDATED CONSTANTLY!

  • Over 120 lessons that walk you through building your business from scratch
  • FREE LIFETIME UPGRADES to every new version of the core ASM web class

Online Group Coaching Calls

  • Kick off call Saturday, October 20th
  • New coaching call each week of the eight-week program
  • Live Q&A hosted by Mike McClary and Rich Henderson

ASM Mentor Program

  • Experienced Amazon Sellers
  • Average sales per mentor, 1.8 million
  • Help in the ASM Community day and night

The Private Resource Vault

  • Exclusive collection of resources you can use to build your business
  • Contact information of top providers
  • Exclusive discounts and extended trial periods

ASM Alliance Platinum Access

  • Lifetime Access
  • Mentor and member support

The Automation Tool Suite – BRAND NEW TO THE ASM PROGRAM!

  • Manage by Stats Toolset – 12 months FREE access
  • The Brand Launchpad and Continual Sales System – six months FREE
  • The ASM Business Dashboard – get all your vital stats in one place
  • The Ultimate Product and Keyword Research Toolset

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Why selling physical products is better

While selling physical products you’re developing your own business and not someone else. You are also building a list of clients whom you can sell to in future.

The Amazing Selling Machine X Training Courses Includes

  • An 8-week program meant to help you build your business by selling physical products.
  • An 8 week of live coaching that assists you to stay on track while selling your products.
  • Lifetime membership to the ASM of online entrepreneurs where members support and interact with each other as well as get a feedback and coaching.
  • Updated product selection criteria
  • Improved Amazon approval guidance
  • New ASM dashboard with visual milestone tracking
  • Improved and updated Private Resource Vault
  • Deeper dive into Amazon Brand Registry
  • Updated Amazon marketing tools training
  • Updated launch, blitz & Rank system for what’s working on Amazon TODAY
  • Private ASM Expert Product Listing Evaluation
  • Targeted Traffic Promotion by ASM Advertising Experts

The Course Modules

This Amazon Selling Machine course includes 8 different modules with each module taking one week. It has been designed like this to help you stay on the path and ensure that you achieve success and get a higher competition rate.

Here are the modules –

Welcome Module

  • What to Expect From the Course
  • Why This Is the Best Opportunity Ever to Build a Business
  • How to Use the Online Community
  • How to Use the Mentor Program
  • Setting up Your Amazon Seller Account

Module 1

  • Why Building a Brand Is So Important
  • The 7 Elements of a Hot Product Opportunity
  • The Perfect Product Selection System
  • The Full ASM Product Selection Criteria
  • How to Create and Narrow Down Your Opportunity List
  • List of Products to Completely Avoid

Module 2

  • How to Calculate Amazon Fees
  • Product Tuning
  • How to Find Suppliers Anywhere in the World
  • How to Negotiate the Best Terms for Your First Order
  • How to Order Samples

Module 3

  • How to Pick the Best Supplier
  • Placing Your First Inventory Order
  • How to Pick the Perfect Brand Name
  • Design a Logo for Your New Business
  • Have Your Product Packaging Designed
  • The Easiest Way to Have Your Products Shipped

Module 4

  • How to Create the Most Important Brand Assets
  • How to Seed Your Assets With Valuable Content
  • Building Your List of Customers

Module 5

  • How to Create on Irresistible Amazon Product Page
  • Strategic keyword Research
  • How to Create a Traffic-Grabbing Product Title
  • Bullet Points That Sell
  • Compelling Product Descriptions
  • The Importance of High-Quality Product Images
  • How to strategically Price Your Product

Module 6

  • Launch, Rank and Blitz
  • How to Get Your Products Live on Amazon
  • How to Get Your Initial Product Reviews
  • How to Compete with the Biggest Brands in the World

Module 7

  • Advanced Marketing Tools
  • How to Build and Track a Performance Checklist
  • How to Use All Types of Amazon’s Marketing Tools – Sponsored Products, Digital Coupons, Lightning Deals, Social Media Promotions, Headline Search Ads, and Amazon Stores

Module 8

  • How to Dramatically Scale Your Brand
  • Leverage Your Brand to Double, Triple, and Quadruple Your Business
  • Strategically Add Additional Products to Your Brand

The Cost/Price

The amazing selling machine 2018 comes with 2 payment options

  1. A payment of $4997 which is one time.
  2. A payment of $997 which is 6 monthly installment.

Amazing selling machine X will give you the tools to

  • Choose the best product to sell.
  • Find the best suppliers from the US and around the world including countries such as china.
  • Comfortably use Upwork and other sites to get a professionally done labeling and packing that you can send to the suppliers.
  • Use FBA (fulfillment by amazon) that you can use to automate your order processing and shipping and do most customer services that the business requires.
  • Be able to achieve a massive traffic and high conversion rate using some of the best marketing strategies and proprietary tools
  • Boost your business by using multiple products.

Who Is The ASMX Meant For?

This amazing selling machine is meant for experienced marketers who want to increase their income by expanding their businesses.

Since it’s a high ticket program, you need to have the money to buy it and a few more dollars to invest in your first products. If you lack the experience or you are struggling with your finances then the program is not meant for you.


  • With this program, you don’t need a website and you also don’t have to be experienced in SEO, PPC and affiliate marketing.
  • This program has the best customer support. They provide a full-time customer support where you can call, email, and chat with them 24/7. They promise to solve any issue within 24 hours.
  • You get all the traffic from amazon which is one of the largest market places in the world.
  • This program does not depend on Google hence you will not be affected even if there is a change.
  • You do not have to be a resident of the US.
  • You can start with a small capital and gradually grow your business.
  • There is a network of community members where you will get all the support that you need.
  • You will get a lifetime membership into an exclusive member’s only community. This is where you can interact with other members and know more about the product.


  • Priced at $4997, this program is very costly.
  • It’s only meant for experienced marketers.


The amazing selling machine X  is a unique product that is worth the cost. According to members, there is no doubt about its quality. Most members have testified that you can easily recoup your investments within 6 months of using it. With just minutes of investing, it guarantees you an amazing income. It’s one of the greatest ways to make a great amount of passive income. With effective training system and a user-friendly navigation, you can learn a lot with the program. If you want to earn immediate income, it’s a must buy. With 100% money back guarantee you will not regret anything.

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