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100K Factory Ultra Edition

The idea behind the 100K Factory is to give people an opportunity to build their personal online businesses with annual returns of more than $100,000. This is based on a tested and working business model. Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton, have released the Ultra Edition which has the same principles as the previous version. However, the Ultra is profitable, scalable and fast. Additionally, users will get to the results differently.

The new version combines two major success factors when it comes to owning an online business. First, users will be able to sell products on their own physical products on their ecommerce stores in a unique and effective manner.

Second, the 100K Factory Ultra Edition ensures high-targeted traffic generation that result in high conversions that are instant. It comes with workshops, training videos and new PDFs showing people how to generate more than $100k per year, through their online businesses.

Who are Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton?

Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton are the creators of the 100K Factory. They worked together to create a product that many refer to as “one of the best internet and affiliate marketing tools out there”. Today we will learn a bit about the creators of this great product as well as look at their inspiration, background, and just how exactly they came to create the product together.

100K Factory Ultra Edition

Aidan Booth

His Background

  • Aidan grew up on a farm on in a small rural town in New Zealand.
  • He was forced to move to Argentina in 2003 when he married Carolina. A Spanish spoken country, thus he could not find a job.
  • This led him to look for jobs online and we all know this can open up your world to a number of opportunities.

His Journey

In 2005, he decided to start his own website located at www.aidanbooth.com. The site was just a slap-dash job in the beginning. He made use of paid traffic to gain sales from his website. He made a penny here and there but he realized this was ineffective. He then did his research which led him to start eCommerce and affiliate sites. He went on to create 1500 sites over a 5-year period. The Google ‘May Day’ algorithm in 2010 abolished a 3rd of his sites. He decided change his strategy. He partnered with Steven Clayton and Tim Goddfrey a few years ago. This was the start of a system that has benefitted many online hobbyists and marketers.

Steven Clayton

His background

  • Steven is an experienced internet marketer.
  • He was previously the Vice President and CFO for a fortune 500 company
  • He has also worked as a consultant to a number of recognised global companies, including AIG, CBS, and the Marriot
  • He has multiple degrees in accounting, maths, business and computer sciences.

His journey

Steven is much older than Aidan with a lot more experience in the internet marketing world. This is what made them such a great team. After studying for many years and gaining his 4 degrees, he went on to hold esteemed positions in the world’s largest corporations. A few of the positions he held are; executive technology leader, director, and manager. In 2013 he met Aidan and that’s where the dream began.

Aidan and Steven and their 100K Factory

Above, I have mentioned briefly the stories of these two men and what brought them to work together. Aidan, intelligent as he is, had a very narrow mind set when it concerned the internet and marketing. He had one theory that was working and he stuck to it. This was making him quite a bit of money. However, when he met Steven his world just imploded (in a good way). Steven, being an experienced marketer and businessman, introduced Aidan to a host of new opportunities to expand. Together, they created many drop shipping, affiliate and other eCommerce sites. Recently, they decided to compile their knowledge into a magnificent product known as the 100K factory that has helped us grow our business. They share all their mistakes as well as their successful methods to earn money online. The best part is that the 100K factory is available to the public.

What Is 100K Factory Ultra Edition?

The 100K Factory Ultra Edition is an upgrade to their original version of the product. In this new edition they have combine an online ecommerce system with an ad revenue system that promises to generate a massive, scalable income in no time as long as you strictly follow their guide.

What are features and what is inside?

  • ·A step by step guide in the form of an eBook. The guide portrays how to create your own online ecommerce website and how to market it.
  • Techniques and steps to build your drop shipping and affiliate website.
  • 90-day Support System- This gives you full access Aidan and Steve’s team. It includes 90 minutes skype calling support, a full review of your website, and access to their private Facebook mastermind group.
  • Receive a complementary Logo design and the opportunity to use their custom ecommerce WordPress theme.
  • $300 in combined credits to kick-start your marketing campaign for Facebook, AdSense, and Bing.
  • 6 Months’ worth of web hosting for all your websites (unlimited) to the value of $280.
  • An ecommerce SEO guide to boost your Google rankings and gain authority with Google. This helps drive free organic traffic to your site.
  • Full access to their internet marketing tools and resources. This includes advertising templates, email follow ups, Landing pages, and product designs.

What Makes The 100K Factory Ultra Edition Very Effective

  • Predictability – one great thing about this new eCommerce model is that people can be able to sell products without having to purchase an inventory. It also teaches a precise method that eliminates risks categorically, through systematic testing with real products. In light of this, users are getting a smooth platform, which is ready to use and problem-free.
  • Convertibility – what makes the 100K Factory Ultra Edition stand out from similar programs, is the ability to convert high traffic which is then driven to the eCommerce sites. The traffic problem that used to be there in the earlier version has been solved through low cost ads that give back exceptionally high and instant conversions. Facebook is one major channel since it allows advertising with precision and driving targeted traffic to a numerous websites within a short time.
  • Scalability – the 100K Factory Ultra Edition business model is both profitable and safe. What makes it very effective is the ability to provide full scalability. Unlike sites like Amazon where users are required to buy inventories before hand, this platform minimizes financial hurdles. Additionally, the websites that people are being taught to build are high quality and still easy to replicate.

Although this version appears similar to the first version, the ultra edition goes a notch higher and teaches people how to sell their own products by setting up their own ecommerce stores. In fact, the strategies are much easier as compared to the initial affiliate marketing methods. Preliminary results and testing indicate that this might become one of the best ventures when it comes to profit making in 2016.

Users only require eight weeks of training for completing the live training session. By the time they finish, they will have acquired skills and in-depth knowledge that will be a step ahead of most affiliate marketing programs.


  • Online entrepreneurs do not have to go through the challenge of generating their own content
  • One is sure of multiple streams of online income
  • The designers, Aidan and Steve are always ensuring there is high quality content and interaction with the students.
  • There is innumerable tons of free software to ease the operation of the entire process.


However, just like any other product there are some challenges that users and potential users might experience along the way. These include:

The price of this package, selling at $2497 is not in the realm of every ordinary person even though there is a money back guarantee if the client is not satisfied with the product. Though the initial edition looks like was a success, no one can precisely tell what will happen to the re-launched package.

Bottom Line

For users looking for high traffic conversion, high profitability from ecommerce sales and double affiliate earnings, then the 100K Factory Ultra Edition is one of the best options. The course offers step-by-step learning, giving people the opportunities to ask questions along the way. . Additionally, the 100K Factory Ultra Edition comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. Users who are not satisfied with the results can be refunded their money through its money-back guarantee policy.

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