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You can agree with me that Covid-19 pandemic has caused a lot of changes around the world. Conducting physical businesses has become challenging as people strive to follow the social distancing and ‘no gatherings’ rules from the World Health Organization. This has led to many people looking for other ways to make extra cash, and online businesses have become more popular.

You might be one of these people. But, have you considered venturing into e-commerce? If so, have you found the best training platform that will give you the best tips for e-commerce success? You might have heard about Kibo Code Quantum E-commerce training, and maybe you are wondering whether the program is genuine.

In this Kibo Code Quantum Review, I shall explain all about this program so that you understand what it entails.

Kibo Code Quantum: Overview

Product:Kibo Code Quantum
Creators: Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton
Official Website:Click Here
Recommended? Yes, without Hesitation

What Is Kibo Code Quantum?

This is a question that lingers in people’s minds about Kibo Code Quantum E-commerce training program. As you might have understood by now, this is an online platform that offers comprehensive and thorough tips on how to be successful in the e-commerce business. The training runs for eight weeks and covers seven modules, which I will explain later in this review.

The main difference between this program and the others is that you do not have to sell any products/services or run any ads. Starting with the program is not a complicated process. The first step is purchasing a quality domain with the help of the automated tools provided by the program developers.

The next step involves setting up an online store, which takes about 60 seconds. You will fall in love with all the high-quality themes that you can choose from. The fourth step is adding products to your website. The process has been simplified to take less time. Next, it’s time to drive traffic to your website by utilizing different traffic generation techniques offered in the program.

You do not have to worry about inventory management as you will have a US-based supplier to deliver the products you sell to your customers. Utilize the website and Kibo Code Quantum guidelines to pick the best product that will guarantee high profits.

Who Are Aidan Booth And Steve Clayton?

The straight answer here is that these two are the developers and creators of the Kibo Code Quantum platform, and they have adequate experience and expertise in the e-commerce field. When starting, Steve and Aidan learned about effective marketing and affordable methods of setting up an e-commerce store. They made mistakes and failed during their career journey, but this gave them essential tips on driving traffic to an online store.

Today, they make 7-figure revenue from their business, and this makes them the perfect duo to explain how you can set up a successful online business. Before Kibo Code Quantum became a thing, Steve and Aidan had come up with 3 other programs. These are 7 Figure Cycle, 100k Factory, and Parallel Profit.

Therefore, you can rest assured that the Kibo Code Quantum was developed by people who knew what they were doing!

What does Kibo Code Quantum Teach?

Setting up and running an e-commerce store is not a walk in the park, especially if you are not a tech guy. However, wouldn’t you enjoy a straightforward guide towards setting up and running a successful e-commerce business? Then, Kibo Code Quantum is your best shot.

The program is quite broad, considering that it will take you 8 months to complete it. As you go through the Kibo Code Quantum training, you will learn various tips for becoming a successful e-commerce business owner. These tips include:

  • Creating and running an e-commerce business
  • Product pricing
  • Traffic generation
  • Detailed information on suppliers who store and ship the sold products
  • Filtering over 3 million products to find the best
  • Developing an attractive logo
  • Getting a high-quality domain

Kibo Code Quantum Course Modules

During the eight months that the training takes, the trainers will take you through 7 modules, which are:

Module 1 – Central Intelligence

You will get detailed step by step videos and descriptions that will help you start a business from scratch, make the first profit in 48hours, and product pricing, among others.

Module 2 – Store Storm

It is the most vital module as it will guide you on how to set up your eCommerce store website in 60 seconds. I understand the hassle that comes with building such a website from scratch, but this module will help you all the way.

Module 3 – Hand-picked Products

You will learn about 5 top products that guarantee success and profits.

Module 4 – Profit Vault

This module will give you a list of profitable and low competition products. It helped me find the most profitable products from more than 3 million products.

Module 5 – Traffic Black Box

Online sales result from the generation of traffic. This 5th module will teach you how to use the appropriate traffic generation techniques that will guarantee an upsurge in your sales.

Module 6 – Oracle X

All the work involved in searching for the winning product is done for you on this module.

Module 7 – Kibo Academy

This being the final module, it will help you to clear your doubts and improve your performance. Additionally, you will get access to the Kibo Code Quantum Community and 365-days support via email.

What really is E-Commerce Business?

The basic definition of e-commerce is the act of purchasing or selling products/ services via online platforms. The letter ‘e’ stands for electronic, which implies that you can only conduct eCommerce via the internet. The money you pay or receive after buying or selling a product/service is also transferred electronically.

The electronic selling and buying can either be between business to business (B2B), customer to business (C2B), customer to customer (C2C) as well as business to customer (B2C) . There is also business to government, but in most cases, this falls under B2B.

Who is Kibo Code Quantum for?

Times are hard, and running a physical business may not be so lucrative considering the many guidelines set in place to reduce the spread of Covid-19. Therefore, online businesses have become a popular income-generating option for very many people. I can advise anyone who desires to start a successful e-commerce business to consider grabbing the learning opportunity presented by Kibo Code Quantum program.

The creators of this program, Steve and Aidan, say that it is also beginner-friendly as its first module deals with fundamental marketing knowledge.

Who is this Program is not for?

If you are full of doubts and have a negative mindset towards online business, then the program might not benefit you. Having the right attitude is a crucial determinant of how successful your e-commerce business will be. For the best results with Kibo Code Quantum, you need to switch your mindset, minimize holding back, and focus on building your business and doing whatever it takes to make it successful. Some of the best ways to achieve that include:

Being 100% committed regardless of whether the day goes good or bad.

Changing your mindset from “This does not work” to “I have not achieved ABC yet!”

Clear all the doubts about the workability of this method because it has been tested and proven.

Set your goals and ponder on them always.

What is the Price of Course?

I know your curiosity about the price of this training has not been quenched yet! Anyway, the full training costs $3497. However, the good news is that this program’s creators also thought about those who cannot lay their hands on the total fees at a go. Therefore, there is some flexibility included in the payment of the training fee.

If you cannot afford the whole amount at once, you can opt to pay in 3 or 4 months installments. If you pay the money in three installments, each will cost you $1167. If you go for four installments, each one will cost you $997.

With such flexibility, everybody can benefit from this innovative program. All the participants who enroll in this program enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee. This minimizes the risk of losing your money if you feel that e-commerce is not the right investment for you.

The guarantee also works as an assurance that the program is tested and proven by the most knowledgeable individuals in the eCommerce and marketing sectors. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about because you can easily recover your money within the first month of trading as long as you follow the training thoroughly.

Does Kibo Code Quantum Really Work?

Steve and Aidan have been in the eCommerce business for quite a while. Therefore, their experience, expertise, and knowledge in this field are unrivaled. As mentioned above, the duo had created other programs before coming up with Kibo Code Quantum.

All the previous programs are doing well, too, and therefore, you don’t have to worry if Kibo Code Quantum works. The practicality and workability of this program are evident from the many lives that it has transformed. The success stories available on the internet about Kibo Code Quantum are enough evidence that the program really works in real life.

Steve, Aidan, and the trainers are dedicated to helping as many people as possible by sharing their profound knowledge and skills that work effectively. Testimonials of the program’s exceptional training are overwhelming, and its followers have generated immense incomes by following what they learn from the program.

The investment is also worth it because eventually, you will make a lot more money than the amount you invested in the training. Enrolling in the Kibo Code Quantum program will help you get the secrets of setting up and running a successful e-commerce business. The best part is that almost everything is done for you by the automated software.

Such include setting up your website, picking and pricing the products, traffic generation, and getting a high-quality domain. Therefore, you can bid goodbye to Facebook ads, intensive research, international supply dealings, and all the other things required by other businesses. Finally, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee for you if you doubt that the program really works.

This money-back guarantee depicts the confidence of the developers in their program and training. It also shows that the creators of this program have their customer’s satisfaction as their priority.

Kibo Code Quantum Bonuses

This review cannot be complete without touching on the bonuses you enjoy alongside the training you receive by enrolling in the Kibo Code Quantum program. Your enrollment is not limited to training only. These bonuses include:

Bonus 1. The Secret Mastermind

Being one of the vital Kibo Code Quantum program bonuses, you will be able to access advanced workshops with extra techniques, methods, and strategies. All these are worth $4997. With such access, you will be active in the eCommerce market by creating advanced blueprints.

Bonus 2. 7-Figure Scaling Secrets

Besides the training, this $4497 worth bonus will give you exclusive tips on how you can move your business to a 7-figure run rate. Moreover, you will learn a unique style that will help you make a significant income via e-commerce.

Bonus 3. Kibo Code Live Recordings

With this bonus, the training participants have access to the recordings of the program’s life events graced by guest speakers and inner-circle secrets. If you need to revise a particular part of the training, this $3997 worth bonus will give you that opportunity.

Pros or Cons

Everything has its bright and dark sides, and the Kibo Code Quantum program is no exception. I will explain the pros and cons of this excellent training to help you make an informed decision.


  1. Easy to start – the designers of this program made it simple to follow and implement. Beginners, too, can easily set up their eCommerce store and start enjoying financial benefits after a while.

2. Requires zero investment – besides paying for the training, you will not be required to buy any products to sell in your e-commerce store.

3. As a seller, you can say goodbye to communicating directly with your customers. Additionally, you will have a supplier based in the U.S who will handle the products’ delivery to your customers.

4. Training from the best – The trainers on this platform are experienced experts in the eCommerce and marketing fields.

5. You will not experience any traffic-related issues. The automated traffic generators will ensure that enough customers visit your store for the product/ you are offering.

6. Real results are guaranteed within a short period.

7. You will enjoy the bonuses mentioned above and many more, plus a money-back guarantee.


The program may not be affordable to everyone. Although there is no investment cost, the training fee is on the higher side. You will indeed enjoy a discount, but you will still be required to pay a few thousand dollars for the same. This is particularly hard for students and low-income earners.

Kibo Code Quantum program is designed for online use only. It may be hard to access the program for anyone who doesn’t have access to the internet and internet-enabled devices.

There are minimal spots on the program. This means that you will be left out on this great opportunity if you don’t secure a slot early enough.

It might take you some time before you see your first profit. Remember that this is not a get-rich-fast scheme. Practice patience and understand that this opportunity will work differently for different people.

Kibo Code Quantum Review: My Verdict!

The covid-19 pandemic presented severe economic hardships to a lot of people in 2020. Many lost their jobs, and businesses, such as restaurants, saw their worst days. Therefore, the majority resolved to look for alternatives to help them make ends meet.

One of the most lucrative opportunities that many people ran to was e-commerce. However, this is not an easy field to venture into, especially for beginners who do not have any knowledge of it. This is where Kibo Code Quantum program comes in. Developed by Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth, this program guarantees you the techniques you need to set up and run an e-commerce store without running product ads or buying any products to sell.

Considering the many things that the program has to offer, it will attract many people once it is launched later in January 2021. We have looked at the program’s pros, and you can see that they outweigh the cons by far. Such include easy to implement, zero investment required, guaranteed traffic in your store, and much more.

On the flip side, one of the cons that should be a bother to you is the program’s limited slots. This is a great platform that guarantees faster and higher profits as well as income. Therefore, why do you delay in securing a place for yourself on the program?

Kibo Code Quantum has been tested and proven by experts in the e-commerce and marketing fields. Get rid of your doubts, keep your money ready, and get prepared to shoot your profits through the roof during and after the training!

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Amazing Selling Machine is the best online business training course by Matt Clark & Mike McClary. You can learn more about Amazing Selling Machine Evolution at KaushikDas.com.

The internet is the best thing that ever happened to the people of this world. This is because it has reduced the world into a village. It is especially good news for entrepreneurs who now have millions, if not billions, of customers to sell their products to. Nevertheless, it is your ability to choose the right online business that can help you earn decent money from your investment

There are so many ways to earn money online but not all have the same returns on investment. Well, we have taken the responsibility to research and present you with a few tips on how to earn money online. The list has been developed after thorough research and experience and so you can be sure they will work for you.

Paid writing

This is emerging as one of the most rewarding online jobs. Several websites have popped up that offer passionate writers an opportunity to write and be paid for their skills. Such websites share their profits with the writers. Paid writing is a reserve of those with good command of English and/or other major languages. Examples of websites that pay writers are Weblog, PayPerPost and Helium among others.

If you are a professional who is also a gifted writer then you can earn money by becoming an academic writer. Academic writing requires you to adhere to certain styles and regulations. The highest paying and most successful academic writing websites include Uvocorp, Essaywriters and Writerbay among others. Another good writing option that can allow you make some decent cash is eBook authoring. This also requires good command of the English.


Another highly profitable and fast growing online job you can invest your time in is e-tutoring. Currently, the demand for tutors is high while the supply is still very low. If you feel like you want to help other people learn, e-teaching could be the best investment for you. However, this requires high levels of expertise or professionalism in the subject. You also need to be a very good time manager.

There are many websites you can enroll with in order to be a tutor. The major names include TutorVista, SmartThinking, e-tutor and Tutor.com. The key to success as an e-tutor is having a good reputation. Once you develop it, you can have a chance to conduct Webinars-lectures or seminars transmitted over the internet. University and college students are ready to pay to get access to reputable Webinars.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing can be defined as the process of earning a commission by promoting or selling other company’s or people’s products. If you find a product you like then you can choose to promote by registering with the company or person as an affiliate. You will earn a piece of the profit realized from the sale of that product.

You can promote the product through your website or via other avenues such as Amazon and eBay. The best pool of products can be found in Click Bank or Commission Junction. Earning can be extremely good if you choose to promote a product that is on high demand. This requires some good research.

Virtual assistance services

A virtual assistant is a self-employed professional who provides professional administrative, creative or technical assistance to his or her clients remotely from home office. As a virtual assistant, you are an independent contractor and therefore you will be responsible for employee related taxes, insurance and benefits.

You need high levels of professionalism in the job category of your interest in order to success in this online job. Inasmuch as you will not enjoy the benefits of an employee, virtual assistance job can guarantee you a decent income right from the comfort of your home office. You can be a virtual assistant in almost any career including medicine and health, law, elder care, IT, networks, web design, computer, secretarial, consumer services as well as other areas.


Although we have discussed only four ideas on how to earn money online, there still many other opportunities you can explore if you do not find these interesting enough. You can try other like freelancing for professionals, advertising, online marketing and buying and selling domains. You can check them out and see what they entail so that you can make an informed decision.

Amazing Selling Machine Evolution by Matt Clark & Mike McClary.

SmartWriterr Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxhhY7kU0MU

A smart software which empowers entrepreneurs & Business Owners to write high-converting and engaging sales-material with a simple push of a button. Smartwriterr has done all the heavy lifting for you. So, you can get high converting and engaging sales copies custom written for you and your brand. You just have to publish the content and then sit back while looking over sales flooding-in!

Viddle Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkN3cRbPwI4

Viddle is The MOST UNCOMPLICATED Video Hosting & Marketing Technology ever…

…that allows you to HOST, PLAY & MARKET Your Clients’ HD Training, Sales & Course Videos on ANY Landing Page, Blog, Shopify & Membership Site… And Charge A One-Time Or Recurring Fee. 

It provides ultra-fast video hosting and a mobile responsive Video Player For VSLs, Demo Videos, Landing Page Videos, VR 360° Videos and other marketing videos…

…at an unbeatable one-time price. 

Listen…what’s the worst that can happen if you do get it right now?

If you don’t like it, you get every single penny back with no hassles or issues (you have a full 14 days to give it a try).

See for yourself over the next few days if it can boost your profits. If it doesn’t you have nothing to lose anyway.

…But imagine if it actually works? Wouldn’t that make everything worth it?

PhotoVibrance Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5EnjHStRIA

PhotoVibrance is a desktop Photo animation software which allows you to animate any image with point & click simplicity!
Here’s all the amazing things you’ll be able to do with your Photos.

  1. Make ANY photo move with MagicMotion
  2. Bring your IMAGES into another dimension with Parallax 3D
  3. Replace the skies on any image with real moving skies.
  4. Turn ANY product shot into an eye-catching VIDEO AD.
  5. Add visual effects to your images to make them more engaging.
  6. And much MORE…

PhotoVibrance Review video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SRONb9pXLQ

CourseFunnels is your best shot to become one of them, and when you see the demo you’ll understand why.

It is a breakthrough online platform that enables anyone to create and sell courses online easily.

Here’s what you can expect…
[+] HUGE Boost In Leads, Sales And Profits
[+] Sell courses and become an online authority
[+] Target any niche or multiple niches at the same time
[+] Manage everything & more from one dashboard
[+] Crush your competition by beating them at their own game
[+] Zero Technical Or Design Skills Required

And here are the Key Features:
➥ Host it anywhere just like WordPress.
➥ The only training platform that also helps you sell.
➥ Conversion Proof, Timer, Exit Pop, Review plugins included.
➥ Professional, Udemy quality student experience.
➥ Integrates with many international carts and payment gateways
➥ Supports major affiliate platforms like JVzoo, ClickBank, WarriorPlus, etc.
➥ Complete email marketing and autoresponder inbuilt.
➥ Make amazing funnels for your courses with upsells and downsells.

I recommend that you go here now and watch CourseFunnels review video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJMYRh52fz4

Hey Guys, Kaushik here and welcome my Healthy Commissions Review!

Note: This is a review, Click here if you want to visit the Official Healthy Commissions Website.

The internet holds many moneymaking opportunities for both young and old folks. The best thing about working online is the freedom that comes with it. You can work from the comfort of your home and plan your schedule so that you only work when you are most productive.

Healthy Commissions is an affiliate marketing training program that teaches you how to make money from the comfort of your home by working online.

When I think of affiliate marketing one person that crosses my mind is Mr. Mark Ling. He is a successful affiliate marketer, top digital entrepreneur. He partnered with Rob Jones and Gerry Cramer to create Healthy commissions system.

In this course, they will teach you how to build and scale a 6 to 7 figure affiliate marketing business from Paid Traffic.

In this review, you will learn what it is, who are the creators, who it is designed for, the pros and cons and I will give my verdict about the program. So, let’s get started.

Healthy Commissions Review

[table id=1 /]

What is Healthy Commissions System?

Healthy Commissions Review

Healthy Commissions is a training course that is a proven step by step system for making a passive income by using affiliate marketing in the health niche.

According to the program, their students have made a total of $57 million in sales in the last 2 years. This is because they have a successful strategy, including insider tips which helps you succeed with all the offers.

This training program is about teaching people how they can sell digital as well as physical health based products as an affiliate.

Therefore, if you want to succeed as an online marketer, I would suggest you try this program. This is an affiliate marketing training program that is created by Gerry Cramer, Rob Jones, and Mark Ling. It teaches you how to create a profitable affiliate marketing online business that utilizes paid traffic rather than regular organic traffic as well as email marketing.

This reveals how you can make a large sum of income from paid traffic. Healthy Commissions has 4 main methods of making money.

  • The first one is by earning high CPA commissions on physical as well as digital products.
  • Second, you can earn high percentage commissions available on low ticket digital products.
  • Third, you can earn recurring commissions from recurring products.
  • Fourth, earn high commissions from high ticket offers.

Compared to the many other affiliate marketing programs out there, this program has some twists which make it effective in helping you make money. This training course comes with twists which make it different from similar related training programs.

Healthy Commissions income screenshot


Click Here to Register for the live Workshop Now!

Warning: The Workshop capacity is 1000 people. They WILL have a packed room, so register now and be sure to show up 20 minutes early to avoid being locked out.

Who are Gerry Cramer, Rob Jones and Mark Ling?

Gerry Cramer, Rob Jones, and Mark Ling are serial entrepreneurs as well as digital marketing experts and creators of High Commissions.

Therefore, they are highly skilled and experienced internet marketers. They are properly skilled individuals who will help you to succeed in affiliate marketing.

These guys know all the aspects of the internet and marketing, and if you choose their program it will be a big game-changer.

Gerry Cramer

Gerry Cramer is the quintessential jack of all trades, and master of them all. Having an online career that has lasted for over twenty years, he is a very successful internet entrepreneur. He has made millions of affiliate marketing and is the number one affiliate on Clickbank. Additionally, he is also an investor, mentor, and keynote speaker.

Mark Ling

Mark Ling is an award-winning internet advertising guru. His experience in the business spans for over a decade. Through his experience, he has been able to advise a lot of other people on how to become great affiliate marketers.

Rob Jones

You will find no other more successful and seasoned copywriter than Rob Jones. Even when you cross over to the world of affiliate marketing, only a few individuals are considered in the level as this guru.

What’s Inside This Program?

Create Very Profitable Facebook Ads 

You will get a complete and simple process that allows you to create winning Facebook ads. You can understand winning image psychology as well as how to write ad copy which gets you a higher click-through rate.

Launch Your Campaigns

They will walk you through the exact steps so that you can launch your campaign, including the audiences to target and how to start slowly to minimize risk.

Learn How to Pick Winners

With this feature, you will learn how to filter via the mass of products and choose specific offers that you can earn the greatest profits and ROI.

Scale-up Like a Boss

It is recommended that you start slowly before you build up quickly. The simple instructions allow you to start small then scale it up using simple tactics.

Create Winning Presell Pages

This program comes with 4 psychological principles that allow you to drag and drop icons to create winning presell pages.

Secrets of The Titans

This gives you an insider view of how a 7 figure super affiliate plans, thinks, and acts. You will know how secret hacks, ninja tricks, and advanced insider techniques work.

5 Big Twists

Healthy Commissions rely on 5 big twists,

The first one being a new method of Facebook traffic success while using crafted 12-second videos. It features video making software.

The second twist is boosted commissions on different offers. They have exclusive deals with different vendors which ensures that you get big commission bumps. Besides, they give insider tips on how you can succeed with these offers.

Third, affiliate programs that belong to the health niche. As a multi-billion dollar industry, more than 80 percent of the program’s top students are succeeding in health.

Fourth, the new method of Facebook traffic success uses specially crafted 12-second videos. Video ad making is inclusive.

Fifth, hundreds of very successful students have made multiple millions of dollars in the last 2 years.

Healthy Commissions system free guide

Healthy Commissions Course Schedule

  • Pre-Training (instant access): Proper mindset & Offers
  • Week 1 – Creating your Winning Ads (Images): The first week will cover the Facebook Marketing funnel. During this week you will be taken through on how to make a commission from Facebook Marketing affiliate.
  • Week 2 – Crafting the Perfect Ad Copy: The second week will cover Perfect Paid Ads. In this week you will be guided on how you can maximize on paid ads because there are so many ads thus the perfect ones that pay you well is what you will be doing in your second week
  • Week 3 – Creating your Winning Presell Pages: In the third week, you will learn how to set up your presale page using the software you will be posting the ads on a template to create traffic for your visitors to purchase.
  • Week 4 – Launching Your Money Ads: The fourth week is meant for compiling it all together the entire template you have prepared on your perfect paid ad.
  • Week 5 – Testing and Scaling Up: In the fifth week, you will track, do split testing, and scaling. This will help you determine if the product line you have chosen will be able to generate traffic and you will be able to make sufficient commission.
  • Week 6 – Advanced Super-Affiliate Strategies: The sixth week will cover advanced strategies and tips on how you can maximize your commission.

Who is This Training Program for?

Healthy Commissions are for anyone who wants to make some passive income. This program will show you how to sell physical and digital health products as an affiliate.

The good thing is that it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means that if you are not satisfied with the program you can return it.

Healthy Commissions Bonus

Bonus 1: Ready to Use Ad Copy Templates

This gives you the exact ad copy templates that they use on every ad they run. You don’t have to be the best copywriter. You can fill in the blanks as well as follow simple instructions on the template.

Bonus 2: 2 Million Dollar Ad Image Swipe File

In this bonus, they will show you how to generate winning ad images. They will give you a swipe file as well as ad images from winning ads. These ads are compiled from ads that are quite profitable.

Bonus 3: The Ultimate Ad Image Designer Hiring Script

Images are very important that is why this program will give you exact copy and paste script which is designed by winning ad images.

Bonus 4: Presellio Page Builder

If you want to generate the most profits, you need to have your presell page well optimized. This means that you will not need technical skills to build a presell page. Your purchase comes with 6 months free access to this Presellio Page Builder which makes it simple to use.

Bonus 5: Presell Page Copy Templates

We are giving you a winning presell page which comes with 4 psychological techniques that we use to increase conversions. What you need to do is have simple instructions that you can use to customize them.

Bonus 6: Presellio Analytics Suite

If you want to achieve the success you must know the numbers. Presellio Analytics Suite allows you to calculate the numbers for you. It takes data from your presell page, Facebook and Clickbank and transforms it into easy to read interface. This means that you will get 6 months of free access with the Presellio Analytics Suite.

Bonus 7: Presellio Profit Optimizer

The Profit Optimizer allows you to extrapolate numbers so that you know what to work on so that you can increase profit and improve the performance of your ads.

Bonus 8: Q&A With Our Panel of Affiliate Mentors

They have a Q&A which allows you to submit your questions so that they are answered by a panel of super affiliate mentors.

This is very valuable for you.

Pros & Cons of The Program


  • You get a chance to earn high commission
  • You can be successful without having experience in online marketing
  • More targeted audience
  • There is no need to sell products made by you or your brand
  • You promote both digital and physical products
  • You get training on Facebook ads and YouTube ads
  • It is easy to adapt as it has no complex steps to be followed
  • It is faster and quicker to achieve results
  • Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee


  • This program is a bit costly. However, you are guaranteed to get value for your money.
  • It is difficult if you don’t understand the perfect paid ads

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Healthy Commissions guarantees that you will love the program. That is why they are giving out 30 days satisfaction and they promise that they will return your money in case you are not satisfied.

This means you will have no hassles and no problem.

Healthy Commissions Review: My Final Thought!

Many programs promise that you can make money as an affiliate marketer. However, they fail to deliver making you lose your hard-earned money when you buy these programs.

Healthy Commission is a legit program that is designed by renowned entrepreneurs and digital marketing experts.

This means there is little doubt that the programs work. So, I recommend you choose Healthy Commissions.

If you want to make money online as an affiliate marketer but you don’t know where to start, then you can choose Healthy Commissions. It comes with all the materials needed so that you can learn how to make money as an affiliate marketer.

Click Here to Join Healthy Commissions Today!

Thanks for visiting my Healthy commissions review and bonus offer, and please let me know if you have any questions.

To Your Success!

Kaushik Das

The business of internet marketing, also known as e-Marketing, has witnessed tremendous growth in the wake of recent technological advancements and globalisation of the world courtesy of internet connectivity.

Every single individual with access to the internet needs to ponder over this one question, How can i earn money online without investment?

The answer to that question is simple, if you have basic computer skills and fluent in any globally recognised language, then there are millions of opportunities for you online waiting for you to harness them at absolutely no extra cost.

The internet has greatly changed the nature of doing business by opening a virtually infinite space for marketing up to a global scale. It presents great opportunities for every individual or company and to access them, one surely needs to be well versed with crucial internet marketing guides and discover ways of successfully submitting online jobs available in multiple forums online. Undoubtedly, Internet changed the way people learn and search for useful information.

Online Affiliate Marketing

Online affiliate marketing is an internet tool used to advertise products be it services or other tangible goods online on your very own website. These online platforms allow you to earn money without investment a cent. In this online venture, you will be given items to advertise and their prices. once the product is bought through your link you get a commission of the item cost price you advertised using affiliate links such as Facebook. One of the things that you have to look out for is whether or not these affiliate marketing is the real deal or just a pure scam. You must learn how to choose companies that will not make you run after your money. Steer clear of companies that do not require hard selling. The concept behind affiliate marketing is that they give you a chance to earn through referrals.

Online Referrals

Most people tend to believe that survey sites aren’t their kind of thing after experiencing starting point toothing problems and leave them shortly after joining. Like any other business, the hard part is when you start. If you stay focused, self-disciplined and keep on building your profile, you will eventually start increasing your income and over time you’ll notice it’s worthwhile. For example, if you concentrate on referrals you can start to see an excellent income each month. There are numerous people who started small and are generating more than $1,000 per month simply by referring others. If you utilize these websites and commit to them as a steady job you’d be creating a significant cash flow within no time and absolutely cost free. A great thing to undertake once a person first joins is to go to the discussion board and request any tips on how to succeed in that line of work.

Online Article Writing

There are numerous websites categorised in diverse professions that post millions and millions of online writing jobs for any subscriber to write. Do you have talent in writing quality and informative articles? Then this is the free online venture for you. Personally, I am in this business! and am reaping the benefits of my writing skills. Most of these writing sites have a minimum payment of $20 that is very easy to reach. The most effective method to make lots of money with these websites is establishing a very strong account and ensuring that your rating is good. These writing sites include:-

  • Hirewriters
  • I-writer
  • Up work
  • Guru

to mention but a few.

Online Cash-Crate Offers

Cash-Crate is an online platform that has an excellent community which is always happy and prepared to assist anybody with questions. In addition, they’ve got a quick video clip on offers to show you how to complete offers. Usually, offers are quite simple to finish and will pay anything between $0.50 and $100.00. It’s recommended to make a fresh e-mail address when registering and only use it for their website. Also, consider using disposable e-mail addresses for your offers.

Social Media Uploads

Social media has revolutionised the communication industry all over the world. More than two thirds of the world population has some form exposure to social media. The business world had realised the tremendous potential in advertising their merchandise through social media and any post that is heavily liked or followed presents an advertising opportunity. This venture is usually suitable for socialites who have massive following. You can use your online prominence to earn real money. For you to succeed here, you must create a powerful profile blog and ensure you have lots of fans. That way, anyone visiting your blog translates to money in your pocket.

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Lead Conversion Squared Review

One of the ways that online businesses boost their profits is by increasing their leads and conversion rates. Unfortunately, some lead programs and techniques don’t work effectively as promised. Also, some are very complicated for non-tech savvy marketers.

But, some programs actually work. Today, we will talk about a program that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years; Lead Conversion Squared (LCS2). Our Lead Conversion Squared review will help you decide whether or not to purchase this program.

Let’s get started.

Lead Conversion Squared Review

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What Is Lead Conversion Squared?

This system assists online businesses to boost leads, which expands business opportunities. It helps you convert leads into real customers. LCS2 was created by Chad Nicely and Daven Michaels, who’re well known digital marketers.

With this system, individuals can find new and better lead conversion methods. Apart from converting leads into customers, the system features pre-trained virtual assistants to help you increase your leads every month.

LCS2 is a suitable platform for internet marketers, website owners, online starters, and everyone else who runs business on the internet. Once you sign up for LCS2, you’ll be trained on lead generation steps. Additionally, individuals also receive a reseller license and a powerful CRM.

How Does LCS2 Work?

The hardest part of running a business is attracting customers and making sure that they don’t leave without purchasing. Now, since this is a Customer Relationship Management system, businesses use it to better relationships with potential customers and ultimately turn them into real buyers.

This program helps you track the interaction with clients both existing and potential buyers. Plus, it features several other steps that automate the lead conversion process hence saving time and effort.

LCS2 features automated follow-ups using email or messages, sales funnel, a tagging system, etc. You can use this program to put a highly converting landing page which helps track and collect lead information. Thus, businesses can build an email list of quality subscribers who become loyal customers.

Lead Conversion Squared Features

  • CRM Software– when you sign up on this program, you get a reseller license to CRM. This marketing program comes with a powerful system for tagging, text messaging, etc.
  • Pre-trained Virtual Assistants– these help businesses generate more leads per month.
  • Lead Magnet– this digital business card simplifies the process of turning cold traffic into leads. It allows adding unique mock-ups of your business cards that help increase conversion.

What’s included in LCS Squared?

The first thing included in Lead Conversion Squared is a step-by-step process on how you can generate high-quality leads and avoid cold calls or ads that will waste your time. This software has been well designed such that you only get the best out of the sales process, no hustles, and no strains of running from one place to another to get cheap leads which might not pay you in the end.

Second, you get a well-trained virtual assistant who will help you get 1,000 high quality leads in a month. With these leads, you will be able to convert to high-profit business and thus you will be able to generate more income.

Third you will get an agency license to resell the most innovative new lead nurturing platform. With this program you will be able to make more money by generating high quality leads which is what most entrepreneurs are aiming for.

Fourth is the 7-Day masterclass training on how you can get high quality generating leads easily without much complication and conversion of those leads to sales.

Is Lead Conversion Squared Legit?

According to a press released on 26th, August 2020 about Masterclass, it states that Lead Conversion Squared has no credibility issues and therefore it is legit and proven digital marketing system.

LCS2 Pricing

You can purchase this software only on the official website. Your purchase gets you the software, webinars, lead conversion strategies, training, etc. These features help you get a clear picture of the kind of online business you’re creating.

There are two pricing options for this program. Users can either pay $2997 which is one time or pay in two installments of $1497 each. But don’t worry as there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee for those unsatisfied with this program.

Pros or Cons of LCS2


  • It is easy to learn – Lead Conversion Squared is created by a marketer who has been teaching his audience for long and therefore has extensive knowledge on digital marketing. With the different types of marketing and conversion strategies, it will be easy to learn and use this software.
  • Don’t require technical skills – Once you attend the 7-day masterclass you will get all information you need to succeed as a digital marketer or online business owner without many complications or skills needed.
  • Unique approach – The methods and steps used in this software are easy to follow and adopt and they are also completely exceptional and unique from those of other competitors.
  • Affordable – From the description of Lead Conversion Squared and how it works it will be affordable for everyone willing to make high quality lead generation and conversions.
  • Proven Method – This software is unveiled by an expert who has been making millions of money through the same process for a long period. Therefore as a user, you will follow the proven steps and you will succeed in your business as well.


The program is not yet launched

Final Verdict

Lead Conversion Squared is a good program for someone who wants to get more customers. It is reasonably priced, easy to use and features proven strategies. Apart from a full CRM system, LCS2 also offers landing pages templates and virtual assistants who help in every phase of your business.