The Science of Wellness Review


Product Name: The Science of Wellness
Product Creator: Andy McGlynn
The Verdict: 100% Recommended!

The Science of Wellness is a program that has been in existence for 12 years. The program was created by Andy McGlynn, a former serial entrepreneur and royal marine. It is a video based training program that combines the input of the top health experts and several hundred personal trainers, to educate the viewers on healthy living. It helps to free people from traditional western drugs and other healthcare methods that require surgery. It helps the viewers to have control of their own self health, and of their families too. The program aims to equip one with the secrets behind optimum mental, physical and emotional health without having to undertake strenuous workouts or extreme diets.


How it Works

The program is created using very simple and clear language for one to understand. It gives a step by step guide to follow for one to discover the factors that pose the greatest threat to one’s personal health and wellness in this modern day and age. It also goes ahead to provide methods or ways that one can use to avoid these health complications. In case one is already affected or infected, natural methods of treatment are provided. The strategies employed by Science of Wellness to tackle some of the common health complications are solid and proven, yet very few people know about them.

Health and Medical Tips provided in the Program.

The topics tackled are broad to accommodate as many aspects as possible.

  • You will learn how to get started with a healthy scientific nutrition. Here, they advise on the nutritional advantages associated with the various foods, and how to have the best combination that is advantageous to one’s health. Advice on the kinds of nutritional supply one should have to tackle a specific medical condition are provided in the program.
  • You also get to learn the science of sleep. Sleep is an important aspect in ensuring the well being of the body, and its proper functionality. With The Science of Wellness, you get to know more about sleep, know its health advantages and also get to know the recommended ways, and number of hours one should sleep every day to make sure their health is at its optimum level.
  • The program educated people on the various enzymes in our body systems that are crucial for our health. These are insulin, growth hormones, cortisol, thyroid, testosterone and estrogen. You get a better understanding of them and know how to have them at the right levels in the body.
  • Heart complication are often common and often at times, people have no idea they have heart complications unless hit by a severe medical condition. With this wellness program, one gets insights on how to enhance their cardiovascular health and ensure they avoid heart related medical complications.
  • Stress control in also in the program. Scientific stress control methods that help boost mental and emotional clarity are advised. Better stress management plays a major role in ensuring better physical performance.
  • The Science of body medication and toxicity. Often, people seek medical treatments and drugs, or ingest things that end up leaving toxic substance in the body. With Andy McGlynn’s Science of Wellness program, you get to know the kind of substance they are toxic to the body, and how to eradicate them to ensure you have a toxic-free body.
  • Inflammation management that helps reduce the unwanted pans and aches in the body in key. The program provides the various ways one could use to minimize and even eradicate the aching in various parts of the body.


Other tips on improving one’s wellness provided in the program include the naturopathic cancer approach to help tackle cancer, gut health improvement and its crucial role in health, among many other treatments and health improvement methods.

The Science of Wellness program comes in three levels. Upon purchase of any of the levels, one is also furnished with other items such as self-check quizzes, audio files for the program and a workbook. You also get to enjoy bonuses such as monthly webinars and membership to the Facebook group that is strictly for members.

Healthy living is very key in ensuring that you not only live long, but also live happily. There are many medical complications that currently exist which one could avoid by taking very simple but effective measures in their lifestyle. The Science of Wellness provides an efficient platform for you to ensure you lead a lifestyle that works to improve your health, and also manage your medical conditions more effectively.

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