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Minesh Bhindi's Gold And Silver For Life 2016



Product Name: Gold And Silver For Life 2017
Product Creator: Minesh Bhindi
Website: www.GoldandSilverForLife.com

Invest in Gold and Silver For Life and Earn a Handsome Profit on a Monthly Basis

Are you being hard pressed on all sides due to the increasing financial needs and expectations? The best and most effective solution to all your financial requirements is Gold and Silver for Life by Minesh Bhinde. By making substantial investments in gold and silver you can receive cash flow and annual returns that can rise up to almost 26.4%.

Brief History of Manesh Bhinde

Minesh-BhindiYou all must be wondering who is this Minesh Bhinde and why should you even listen to what he has to say? Manesh Bhinde is the owner of the reputed bullion dealer company that has its head office in the United Kingdom. This company deals with both corporate as well as retail investors at the international level and has been rated as an A plus company in all reviews.

In addition to being the owner and managing director of Gold and Silver for Life. Manesh Bhinde plays an important role as a consulting expert at the wealth management company Reverent Capital. In this role, Manesh offers his profound knowledge and in-depth understanding to the rich and wealthy people across the globe about the different ways in which they can expand their wealth by investing in gold and silver backed funds.

The unique characteristic of Gold and Silver for Life 2017

The one distinguishing fact about the company by Manesh Bhinde which sets it apart from other similar companies is that this company goes the extra mile by sharing with all its important clients the ways and means by which they can profitably trade with gold and silver on their own and secure maximum returns. The other companies only educate their clients about which type and quality of gold and silver they must purchase.

Gold and Silver for Life Pro’s

  • Their clients are spread over 39 countries
  • If you meticulously follow their steps you can expect monthly cash flow of 1% to 2.2% every month
  • Their core value which focuses on stability, security and long-term wealth has a universal appeal.
  • The strategy that is adopted is extremely simple.
  • It’s one of the safest and secure internationalized investments which guarantee profitable returns.
  • Its primary focus is not sales and profit but permanent rapport building with their clients.
  • Very simple and easy to get started and follow the step by step programme
  • It Is completely hassle free as there is no technical stuff.
  • Provide ongoing support which is very helpful
  • The surrounding community is simply outstanding and helpful
  • Manesh Bhinde is totally transparent and a thorough professional who gives more than hundred percent to keep his clients satisfied.


  • After making the initial investment you have to wait for a long time before you get the returns.
  • You need to be very regular and at least invest twenty minutes of your time every single day.
  • You are required to make an initial investment which however need not be a large amount.

The Real Hero of Gold and Silver for Life

Manesh Bhindi is the real pillar of support to gold and silver for life and his life is dedicated toward helping others in expanding their wealth through investments. The sole objective of gold and silver for life is to provide well planned out strategies that will give support to the wealth management activities of the rich people whose wealth have a tendency to multiply even in the midst of calamities. As a consequence, this company has matured into a family of investors in over twenty-seven countries whose primary objective is to ensure permanent, protective and long-term wealth building.

In can be said with reasonable conviction that as this company has zero refund rate. Therefore, it has a very high degree of customer satisfaction where each of its customers recommends this company to one or many of their friends and family which helps in the word of mouth publicity of this company. The other very important and distinguishing feature about this company is its simplicity and the steps that need to be followed are extremely easy to follow which is why it has become an instant hit among all its clients.

Gold and Silver for Life 2017 is the real solution to all your financial needs. So, what are you waiting for? If you want all your monetary problems to get resolved at the earliest you must become a member of this company and find out for yourself how miraculously all your needs will be met. All you will need to do is to follow the simple steps and devote twenty minutes of your time on a daily basis and see the outcome!

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Product Name: The Science of Wellness
Product Creator: Andy McGlynn
Website: www.ScienceOfWellness.com
The Verdict: 100% Recommended!

The Science of Wellness is a program that has been in existence for 12 years. The program was created by Andy McGlynn, a former serial entrepreneur and royal marine. It is a video based training program that combines the input of the top health experts and several hundred personal trainers, to educate the viewers on healthy living. It helps to free people from traditional western drugs and other healthcare methods that require surgery. It helps the viewers to have control of their own self health, and of their families too. The program aims to equip one with the secrets behind optimum mental, physical and emotional health without having to undertake strenuous workouts or extreme diets.


How it Works

The program is created using very simple and clear language for one to understand. It gives a step by step guide to follow for one to discover the factors that pose the greatest threat to one’s personal health and wellness in this modern day and age. It also goes ahead to provide methods or ways that one can use to avoid these health complications. In case one is already affected or infected, natural methods of treatment are provided. The strategies employed by Science of Wellness to tackle some of the common health complications are solid and proven, yet very few people know about them.

Health and Medical Tips provided in the Program.

The topics tackled are broad to accommodate as many aspects as possible.

  • You will learn how to get started with a healthy scientific nutrition. Here, they advise on the nutritional advantages associated with the various foods, and how to have the best combination that is advantageous to one’s health. Advice on the kinds of nutritional supply one should have to tackle a specific medical condition are provided in the program.
  • You also get to learn the science of sleep. Sleep is an important aspect in ensuring the well being of the body, and its proper functionality. With The Science of Wellness, you get to know more about sleep, know its health advantages and also get to know the recommended ways, and number of hours one should sleep every day to make sure their health is at its optimum level.
  • The program educated people on the various enzymes in our body systems that are crucial for our health. These are insulin, growth hormones, cortisol, thyroid, testosterone and estrogen. You get a better understanding of them and know how to have them at the right levels in the body.
  • Heart complication are often common and often at times, people have no idea they have heart complications unless hit by a severe medical condition. With this wellness program, one gets insights on how to enhance their cardiovascular health and ensure they avoid heart related medical complications.
  • Stress control in also in the program. Scientific stress control methods that help boost mental and emotional clarity are advised. Better stress management plays a major role in ensuring better physical performance.
  • The Science of body medication and toxicity. Often, people seek medical treatments and drugs, or ingest things that end up leaving toxic substance in the body. With Andy McGlynn’s Science of Wellness program, you get to know the kind of substance they are toxic to the body, and how to eradicate them to ensure you have a toxic-free body.
  • Inflammation management that helps reduce the unwanted pans and aches in the body in key. The program provides the various ways one could use to minimize and even eradicate the aching in various parts of the body.


Other tips on improving one’s wellness provided in the program include the naturopathic cancer approach to help tackle cancer, gut health improvement and its crucial role in health, among many other treatments and health improvement methods.

The Science of Wellness program comes in three levels. Upon purchase of any of the levels, one is also furnished with other items such as self-check quizzes, audio files for the program and a workbook. You also get to enjoy bonuses such as monthly webinars and membership to the Facebook group that is strictly for members.

Healthy living is very key in ensuring that you not only live long, but also live happily. There are many medical complications that currently exist which one could avoid by taking very simple but effective measures in their lifestyle. The Science of Wellness provides an efficient platform for you to ensure you lead a lifestyle that works to improve your health, and also manage your medical conditions more effectively.

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6-figure-machineProduct Name: 6 Figure Business Machine
Product Creator: Noah St John
Price: $997 (Payment plan also available)
Website: www.6FigureBusinessMachine.com
The Verdict: 100% Awesome!

6 Figure Business Machine is created by Noah St John. This course will teach you how to automate your business to achieve the life you desire.


Who Is Noah St John?

For those of you who don’t know who he is, he is an Ohio born man who in 1997 decided to become a mentor for personal and business growth. He wrote the book called “Afformations” as a guide to change people’s lives by making them actually believe they are capable of anything.

He is highly in demand for keynote speeches and seminars that always seem to be on point. He calls them “The only training that fixes every other training”. Stating that habits that you have acquired throughout your life shape it, not that you are free from guilt, but that you can be the one to change.

Now, years later, he introduces us to his newest plan, so called the 6 figure business machine, where he helps business owners and entrepreneurs to land the million dollar mark or multiply their results even further if they have already made millions.Noah-St-John-6 Figure-Business-Machine

So, how does it work?

SFBM---square-06-08-16Mr. St John divides success in two parts, what he calls “Inner Game” referring to what goes on inside you, and “Outer Game” how you react towards external influences. He bashes other programs by saying they only focus one part, in such a way that they always leave you wanting more, or just giving you half the cake so you continually have to keep on buying more pieces. His 6 figure machine business takes pride in helping you improve both aspects. Boosting personal performance which is the result of mastering the inner aspect, and generating profit, result of mastering the outer aspect.

What exactly do you get?

You get a program focused on a guidebook that provides you:

  • Help crafting a magnetic offer that attracts and serves clients
  • Step by step guide to create a Lead magnet, transforming prospects into clients and fans
  • Advice to attract many Leads while using minimum effort
  • Tools to triple sales without spending on advertising
  • Ways to expand your reach

He also adds:

  • 5 weeks of group coaching with himself
  • Access to his private online community
  • Tickets for his live events

How much does it cost & how is it delivered?

Currently its price is $997, on sale from $1997, for limited time. He says his program can help you double your income in a short amount but his goal is to help medium and small companies, so he is keeping the price as low as possible.

There are two ways you can go forth with payment, one full payment of the total amount or a 2 part payment plan of $597 payed 30 days apart.

As for its delivery, everything is completely online, another reason St. John keeps the price low. As there is no physical product to be shipped. You will gain access to material on the internet than you can watch for as long as you live.

What do people have to say about it?

In his website there are many reviews by current and past users that state their lives were transformed after having been part of the program, you can watch videos of most of them speaking to the camera, claiming the program is not really a drastic change you have to make but something so simple that it is brilliant.

There are even some personalities reassuring Noah’s methods do work and they will change your life, such as Neale Donald Walsch, John Gray, Ph.D., and Jack Canfield, all famous authors whose books have sold millions of copies around the world.

While this might look good, let’s face it, no one would publish bad reviews on their site. Noah does offer a 90 day guarantee on the program, meaning that if you are not happy with it, and feel it will not help you accomplish anything they will refund you for the complete amount.

In Conclusion, the 6 Figure Business Machine could be the real change you have been wanting to make in your life for a while. Even if it isn’t, and you have some money that allows you to be curious about it, you can always try it and then get your money back if you aren’t satisfied with the results. While we believe there is no shortcut to achieving success, there has to be a reason why his program has been live for so many years and his books have sold well all over the globe.

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The 12 Week Year is a book by author Brian P. Moran who introduces us a new technique of training, 12 Week Mastery. The program is mainly based on the idea that you can achieve more in 12 weeks than most people do in 12 months. The creators of the program, public speaker, corporate executive and entrepreneur Brian P. Moran and marketing experts Todd Brown and Tom Beal, has been already helping corporations to improve their productivity and increase their income. These experts in business state that you can accomplish many more things in 12 weeks then 12 years as 12 weeks is a more predictable period. It is a great opportunity that we will be able to enter into their minds and acquire their way of thinking.


About the Program

In the 12 week course, you learn how to control your time and productivity. You will get to know how to stay under less stress and how to increase your income or profitability. You will acquire techniques on how to set priorities in your daily life and business life. And most importantly, you will learn how to achieve your potential and stop procrastinating. What is good news is that this book have been turned into a course and program. With this course you will learn how to attain the skills that would take your productivity to the next level. This program is going to offer you and your clients a 12 week plan that would throw out every annual plan you made. Do not be afraid that you will not be able to compress everything in 12 weeks. You will have all the focus, clarity and devotion you need. What is best is that this program will also change you point of view towards everything. Therefore you will be getting a brand new lifestyle.

What the Program Includes

With the launch of the program , you will also be able to take advantage of a special and one time offer and price. Most of you may think the price is somewhat high, but do not worry, it is totally worth it. Here is what you are going to access with this offer:

  • Motivational and educational videos. You may think that the videos are kind of short, do not worry, quality always matters more than quantity. You will see that the videos are full of impressive ideas.
  • You are going to receive the book, The 12 Year Week and old course some other gifts too, like 12 year strategy, score cards and many more.
  • A 12 week year challenge to put you in a competitive spirit and bring out the best in yourself. Of course, it is optional.
  • Access to community of individuals just like you. This will help you get in contact with lots of driven people like you and improve a better way of thinking.
  • 13 weekly training webinars by Brian Moran and Michael Lennington. All these awesome webinars are going to be recorded and stored in case you miss one of them. There will also be a question and answer event.
  • Perhaps the best one, two tickets to the live event that will be held in West Palm Beach later this year. You will have the chance to meet with some of the most forward thinking people in the business life. This will give you a chance to get inspiration from productive and highly motivated individuals.
  • Webinar training from Brian Moran and his colleagues. It is a step by step guide to bring out the most productive and motivated individual in you. You will learn to how to get things done, and how to do them effectively.

Final Verdict

When you think about it, we all have at least once though that we were not making the most of our potential. Thinking constantly about how and why we cannot get up and start actually doing something, not merely thinking about doing it. We are not alone and this process requires some guidance from the more experienced individual out there. Therefor this program would be a great opportunity to stop procrastinating, lay out a logical action plan and learn how to stick to it. This is not limited to a 12 week plan; it is a life changing opportunity.

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Product Name: The Cloning of Business Success Program and Winning the Game of Business
Product Creator: John Assaraf
Website: www.MyNeuroGym.com
The Verdict: 100% Recommended!
Sale Price: $1997
Description of Product: The Cloning of Business Success is newly bundled with Winning the Game of Business, two solid programs to level up your business success! These are digital downloads and include the following bonuses: 3 – 90 minute business growth Q&A calls with John Assaraf ($2,000 value). 5 personality profiles for the client and their team ($1,500 value). Triple your sales with Jon Bowes, NeuroGym copy writer, 90 minute Q&A ($500 value) plus 5 more bonuses.

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Cloning of Business Success Course

The person in question is John Assaraf. He was just like any other teenager, wondering aimlessly with no direction in life and a shuddering desire for an ecstatic lifestyle. On his wild goose chase of fulfilling desires and leading a life with a purpose and meaning discovered a method of success in business and life through brain research and quantum physics as these subjects are relative. Through his dedication and hard work John Assaraf is a multi-millionaire and a proud owner of several companies of high repute.

So what exactly is this technique and how does one follow the prescribed method and effortlessly go on to be a millionaire. It is called the ” winning the inner game of money” and it works so amazingly well that you can’t believe it unless it happens to you. In this program John Assaraf will guide with the help of the advanced techniques like cutting-edge brain entrainment technology; sound wave patterns; 3-d / surround-sound technology; affirmations; subliminal messages; sophisticated audio interpretations and elements of emotional freedom technique; eye movement desensitization reprocessing; guided visualization sessions; and meditation tracks to program your mind to succeed in the monetary domain.

With the help of certain mastered techniques like ‘neuro re-conditioning’ John will guide you through a detailed procedure of altering your sub-conscious habits and beliefs which result in improvising your thought process about money, success and fame.

It wouldn’t sound incorrect if we regarded this technique as one of the most impactful discovery of this decade. This is a tried and tested method and the result are bound to leave in awe. The whole technique works based on the processing of mind and the response of our neurons to various stimuli. By varying the functioning of our brain with the help of these flawless techniques we can alter our thought process and think big money and success wise.

Business confidence

Today the business world runs at a hectic, frantic pace. If you don’t feel like you’re bringing your “A” game to your work, your confidence can suffer. Lack of confidence in business shows its nasty, ugly head in a whole myriad of ways, including: sleepless nights, shortness of temper, loss of patience, confusion, and a nagging anxiety telling you that something just is not right.

Well, there is good news if you’re willing to try a few new things, while having a little fun in the process. First of all let me preempt any emails by saying that if you have chronic, debilitating anxiety, you should check with your doctor to see what the best course of action may be. But if you’re like most people, dealing with basic business worries can be effectively conquered with the following 5 steps:

1. Learn from the big boys: I’m very fortunate to have a membership to John Assaraf’s (of “The Secret” fame) One Coach program. This is a fairly new, online, business coaching and mentoring program. What makes this program so effective is that John Assaraf and his partner, Murray Smith, are fairly accessible (via weekly phone teleconferences), and you can ask your business questions directly to these incredible business minds. You also have the capability to mind-meld with other business professionals via One Coach’s website forums and discussion groups. This is not a cheap program – but if you’re feeling like a guppy in a sea of sharks, you just may need to swim with a different kind of fish.

2. Use Affirmations, and not of the mamby-pamby variety! OK, we’ve all heard that repetitively stating affirmations over and over again can have a positive effect on not only your mood in general, but also your ability to manifest the things you want into your life. Well, believe it! Being an advocate of affirmations for many years, I can tell you wholeheartedly that this is an incredible tool towards building back your confidence, and success.

Your brain is a very sophisticated computer, of sorts, and when repetitive thoughts (good or bad) show up on a regular basis, the results are manifested by actual hardware changes to the landscape of your brain. The vast array of neurons and synapses actually rewire themselves to accommodate the way you are thinking. An accumulation of those negative, anxious thoughts, over time, can snowball into a perceived “reality” that in truth, may be totally unrealistic.Finding the right affirmations for you (and your situation) is the first and most important step. If you’re coming up dry deciding what affirmations to use, try looking at the affirmations others use on a daily basis.

Personally, I use a combination of my own affirmations and a mixture of those by other successful people. In fact, John Assaraf, also a big affirmations’ advocate, has several terrific lists that I’m fond of. If you would like to get a hold of my daily affirmations, get in touch with me and I’ll provide them to you. Now here’s the important part: why not quadruple the effectiveness of saying your affirmations for 20 minutes once or twice a day, to actually listening to your affirmations -which are spoken in your own words? I’ve gone so far as to add a soft underscore of inspirational music to these affirmations. Have your affirmations repeat on a loop three or four times (for about 20 minutes); upload them to your iPod or any mp3 player and you’re good to go! Now, unless your using a computer built in the Stone Age, you probably have access to some rudimentary audio recording software. You can make this a fun, creative project.

But if you are not a techie-type, or you don’t have the time for this sort of thing, find yourself a computer-savvy person who can help you with the recording of your own audio affirmations tracks. I’ve found that the result of listening to my own voice affirmations is like listening to my own thoughts. It really is nothing short of life altering! For all those neurons and synapses to start rewiring themselves, you need to practice your affirmations’ process for 20 minutes twice a day, for at least 30 days. Then, in a month, you’ll see a different, more confident person staring back at you in the mirror.

3. Achieve a higher level of physical fitness. The more exercise you do the more stress you are relieving yourself from. Don’t worry so much about competing with the exercise jocks at your gym (do they ever go home?), or the tireless joggers you pass on the street (while you’re driving). I find these people, for the most part, have an enormous amount of time to dedicate to their body – good for them. I don’t, and most likely you don’t either, live and work in a world where you can dedicate two or three hours a day to exercising. But what you can do is take a good look at the time you can dedicate to it, and develop the most effective fitness plan possible for that amount of time.

If there was one particular time in your life where you were “the most fit,” see if you can achieve that level again, or at least get as close as you can, considering your current age and weight. Personally, I find the “gut” factor is the number one confidence influence. It’s just one more insult to our sense of well being when we have a doughboy pouch in front of us. If you can squeeze in an hour of exercise a day, give an extra amount of time to crunches. And surprisingly, plain old walking is a fantastic gut buster – do a lot of that too.

4. Surround yourself with the good. This may sound a bit corny, but it’s really important for maintaining a healthy, happy mental state. I’m taking it for granted that you are already going to be following step 2 above, and religiously do your affirmations. Positivity also ties into the whole mindset as well. Take some time and look at what your “inputting’ into that brain of yours. If you’re at a point in your life where confidence is an issue, you’ll want to keep negativity to a minimum.

A few years back I had had a few business setbacks (low confidence) and decided to go see a movie with my wife. We saw Cinderella Man, with Russell Crow, about a down-and-out boxer during the depression era of the 1930’s. Where I had thought this movie was about never giving up and overcoming personal diversity (and it was that), so much of the movie was totally depressing – it’s tuff to watch a whole family dine on one slice of fried bologna. The point is, take a look at what brings you up and what brings you down. This includes the movies you watch, the evening news (don’t get me started on that), newspapers, and the people you hang around with (stay away from the complainers and doomsday mongers). Again, your brain is a highly advanced computer; carefully watch how you program it.

5. You have a new vocabulary, starting right now. During the next few weeks I’d like you to be highly conscious of how you talk. If you are the type of person who likes to use ‘colorful’ language to make your point, take a break from it for a while. What you’ll find is that tough language has a lingering effect, almost like an invisible bad stench. Doing this one action alone will raise your consciousness level significantly. Next, ensure your speech is “lofty.” By this I mean it has a higher, upbeat characteristic. No more gossip, ever! When describing something, talk well of it. When talking about your competitors, show them some respect, perhaps even admiration for playing the game so well. And always talk about your own business, and life in general for that matter, with positive optimism. We believe what we hear, even if it’s ourselves talking!



What Is Push Connect Notify?

Push Connect Notify is a powerful, yet simple software that allows you to capture push subscribers by pasting one line of code on your website and send them browser push notifications.

How Does Push Connect Notify Work?


You paste a line of code on your website/blog and we start capturing push subscribers – converting regular visitors on your website to subscribers instantly.

Whenever someone subscribes, they become a part of your PCN database, and you can send them push notifications whenever you want.

The frontend lets you send out PushLetters (push blasts) and the first OTO lets you schedule automated push notifications (AutoPushes)

See Push Connect Notify In Action

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Virtual CEO Lifestyle Review

Eben Pagan’s The Virtual CEO Lifestyle Review

Product Name: The Virtual CEOthe-virtual-ceo
Product Creator: Eben Pagan
Price: $4997 (Payment plan also available)
Website: Click Here to Visit The Virtual CEO Official Website
The Verdict: 100% Awesome!

The Virtual CEO Lifestyle is an online marketing program created by the online marketer and guru entrepreneur himself Eben Pagan. The new course is basically a combination of Eben’s best marketing training programs and a series of live events and coaching webinars.

It will cover:

  • books;
  • audio programs;
  • video programs;
  • live events, continuity;
  • membership programs;
  • group coaching;
  • consulting and much more.

The Man behind Virtual CEO Lifestyle

In case this is the first time you’re coming across his name, Eben Pagan is a great entrepreneur venerated for providing helpful advice to dating men, under the stage name David Deangelo. Using his famous “Double Your Dating” brand, he built a million-dollar company that now generates upwards of $20 million per annum in sales, which is sure nothing to sneeze at.

Eben, throughout his marketing career, has made millions of dollars sharing with the internet his business know-how as well as experience, and the amount of acclaim in reviews and forums is proof enough that his guidance really is real-world. Even some well-known internet marketers such as John Reese and Frank Kern have publicly admitted that Eben Pagan is unparalleled when it comes to internet marketing.virtual-ceo

What is the Virtual CEO really about?

The Virtual CEO Lifestyle Program, according to Eben, is designed specifically for entrepreneurs who want to see a swift growth of their business from small/average/good to great in no time, or as he describes it: kicking your business into high growth mode and creating your ideal lifestyle. And to bring you closer to the agenda of the 6-month program, you’re provided with a compilation of what the course will add to or improve in your enterprise: the “7 Profit Pillars”.

The 7 Profit Pillars

They include

  • Productivity
  • Product
  • Marketing Growth
  • Mastermind
  • Money and Wealth
  • Lifestyle
  • Learning

7-PILLARTo install these pillars into your business, you’ll be engaged in a sequence of systematic live 90-minute classes every fortnight where the following modules will be discussed:

  1. Double your productivity
  2. Your Breakthrough Product
  3. Scalable, Automated Marketing
  4. Systems and People for High Growth
  5. Your Virtual CEO Mastermind
  6. Using Your Money to Build Wealth
  7. Design Your Ideal Lifestyle

The modules are in harmony with the 7 Profit Pillars, and as it is evident, the course is compendious with every piece Mr. Eben believes should be part of your success jigsaw.

But what exactly is your money buying?

Eben has sold a number of brands, training systems and best-selling courses, among them the Guru Blueprint, Get Altitude, Ignition, Wake Up Productive and Guru Masterclass. As market-successful as these works have proven to be, none of them can be considered as quite inclusive as the Virtual CEO Lifestyle. It’s like Eben has touched on the entire scope of entrepreneurship that he is only left with digging deeper into each and every aspect of the specialty, elucidating what we may have missed or what may be crucial enough to be repeated for the second time.

Here’s what is included in the program that makes it worth a thought:

1. Systematic Training

Eben starts from ground zero in this course; he doesn’t assume you know the first thing about entrepreneurship. So this program basically caters for everyone: both startups and established entrepreneurs. You will receive enough tools, training and support specially crafted to sky rocket your success as a Virtual CEO student.

2. Private Support Systems

Eben also provides you with private support systems to help you stay on track and catch up in case you fail to keep up with the pace. You will get a chance to virtually mingle with like-minded entrepreneurs from different parts of the planet and this will give you a one-in-a-million chance to copy and learn from some of the most successful online marketers and entrepreneurs.

3. Live Event with Eben Pagan

By purchasing the program, you stand a chance of obtaining a discounted ticket to Eben’s live training in a “luxurious environment” in Chicago where he will personally divulge more about his secret as a successful online marketer, writer and entrepreneur. The event will take place between Friday, August 12th and Sunday august 14th 2016, and you will basically be under the same roof as entrepreneurs who have paid upwards of $10,000 to make it in. There you will have the once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet Eben in person and have him answering your questions in real time.

4. Platinum Passport

The entire collection of Eben’s audio and video training courses is valued at $100,000 but Eben is pledging to offer it for free to Virtual CEO Lifestyle students. This is definitely a chance you should not pass up.

It is plausible that you’re vigilant and cautious over these kinds of programs as thousands of self-proclaimed online teachers lately have taken over the internet with unverified and misleading “how to avoid losses” and “how to make money” eBooks and programs, but that should never hold you back from taking a tested and tried pathway. Eben Pagan is a living testimony – the internet, John Reese included, believes so.

Still there will be loads of bonuses if the whole course turns out to be a sell: you will still get the whole vault of Eben’s previous business training programs (all of which are tested and tried) and still get a chance to attend the Chicago event and meet entrepreneurs of all calibers (Eben’s events typically attract some of the most successful business people in the world, so if he fails you, he fails them too).

Above all, the program comes with a 100% money back guarantee that is valid for 30 days. If the course gives you a peck less than ten times the value of your investment, Eben pledges, you will receive all your money back. Not really sure how you’re going to measure the value of your money tenfold, but that should basically mean that you’re getting a full refund if the course doesn’t live up to the hype. And just for the record, you will only be refunded if you can prove that you really did go through the course, did the exercises and homework and made a point of attending the live summit. You don’t need to explain to anyone, though, why you’re not satisfied.

But do we really stand a chance of getting disappointed by this program that has become the new talk of the town? Well, it depends. But if history is anything to go by, prepare to have your expectations outdone!

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Product Name: BNB Formula
Product Creator: Brian Page & Mike Liebner
The Verdict: 100% Awesome!

While the Internet is expanding Worldwide and a lot of people are using it daily in one way or another, more of them are exploring various ways to create a long-time income by using their skills or resources in the Online environment. If you are thinking of trying the short-term rental market, but you are not sure if you should yet follow this BNB Formula Review to understand how you can make some serious money starting with one property or even no properties at all using AirBNB.

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What is AirBNB?

AirBNB is a lodging rental Online website that allows people to list their properties for short-term renting or find convenient places that “feel like home”, at least a lot more than a hotel does, for a good price and a short period of time, while on a business travel or a short vacation.

BNB Formula Review: What is this formula?

BNB-FormulaThe BNB Formula is a great step by step Online course written by Mike Liebner and Brian Page that can help you build a business in the shortest time possible using only AirBNB. It might seem incredible at first, but Brian made $300.000 in his first year alone using his own tricks that are included in this formula. Using a decade and a half of experience as a real estate business owner and investor Brian Page also created various tips and shortcuts, taking you by the hand through every single process and task required to make this your full time job and maybe the best one you had.

What topics does the BNB Formula cover?

This complete training goes into a lot of topics ranging from how to build your business from home step by step up to how to manage your resources to be more efficient. Some specific modules of the course are:

  • Delegating most of the tasks required to run the business
  • Access to a private community with multiple BNB business owners that support each other
  • Using a variety of software’s to increase the profitability
  • Access to videos with tips and tricks to get the best out of your listings
  • Choosing the best type of property while expanding your business
  • The market hacks that will help you make sure your property is never empty
  • Scaling the entire business to easily reach your goals
  • Help with marketing and promotional techniques for your listings
  • Access to interviews with experts in the BNB hosting business
  • How to interact with guests and make sure your rules are followed
  • Outsourcing communication by using various third party services

These are just a small part of the lessons, tips, tricks or hacks you’ll get access to when enrolling in the training. Not only that, but the entire course is improved or changed from time to time by Brian and Mike if it is necessary so that you or anyone using it can be up to date with any changes on AirBNB or new modules.

Conclusion after the BNB Formula Review

All-in-all this course created by Brian Page with the help of Mike Liebner covers everything you need to know if you want to start your short term rental business using AirBNB. The only downside of it is the time required to understand how it works and to start doing it early on, but later with the resource management advices from Brian you will have almost as much time as you do now. The big difference is at the same time you’ll also own a highly profitable business and maybe reach your goal way faster than you thought you could.

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