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Leads Tunnel Review

Leads Tunnel software by Anik Singal, Fred Lam & Jimmy Kim

The world of internet marketing has rapidly developed and new methods to market different products on the internet have been invented. One of the latest and effective software that have been developed with the purpose of improving the way you interact with your potential internet clients is the Leads Tunnel. This is a simple but very powerful software that you can use to automatically syncronize your leads within Facebook a to any email software that you would like. The software is a product from the most powerful team comprising of Anik Singal, Fred Lam and Jimmy Kim. They were very successful in 2015 as they were the best internet marketers.

In your online work whether it fetches for you money or not, one thing that you should be sure of is that Leads Tunnel will be a great tool for you. The good news is that you don’t have to go for some kind of training so as to use the software as it is easy to use. Under the normal circumstances, you will be required to build an email list which you will use to market your site or get more potential buyers and visitors. Getting this email from potential clients can be quite a task as people value their privacy a lot and wouldn’t like their inbox to be filled with many messages. Building such list can be quite costly and may drain your resources. Thanks to the Leads Tunnel, all these problems will be a thing of the past.

How It Works

Leads Tunnel works by creating a simple tunnel between your Facebook account and your email automation software that has an auto responder. When the lead is connected from Facebook such as when a person clicks at your link or your ad, personal details such as email address, name and phone number will be extracted by the software. The new user will be asked to submit these detaisl before going on. The new subscriber will then be automatically added to your mail list. Safety of the software has been well taken care of as it does not collect data from the leads hence keeping hackers at bay.

Hoe Leads Tunnel Work

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Summary of how it Leads Tunnel works

  1. A Facebook user sees your ad or a link and clicks on it.
  2. Their information is entered into the lead form automatically.
  3. Once the user hits “submit” button, he or she is entered into your mail list.

Features of LeadTunnel

  • Is an autopilot software that not require any kind of supervision.
  • It is legal because the lead form is submitted upon the user’s consent.
  • Is a set and forget software.
  • Works with popular autoresponders.
  • Does not require lots of technical skills.

Some of the popular email programs that work with this software include Aweber, GetResponse, Sendlane, Infusionsoft and many others.

Benefits of Leads Tunnel

1. It is made by experts who have a proven successful track record when it comes to internet marketing. This means that it is expected to perform to the optimum levels.

2. Provides an affordable option which you can use to build a mail list. The cost of email marketing and mail list building will be reduced.

3. The list is built with the consrnt of the users hence is legal and the users are aware of what they are subscribing into.

4. It is fully automatic and does not require a user’s manual control.

5. You don’t have to use a Squeeze Page.

To settle your doubts about its legality, Leads Tunnel has been tested and approved by Facebook.

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