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Inbox Blueprint 2018 Review

The Inbox Blueprint 2018 is an internet marketing program with procedural lessons on how to build a successful internet-based marketing using email subscriptions. The program teaches learners the step-by-step techniques of establishing a list of email subscribers. The program assumes that every email address of a subscriber is the equivalent of a dollar and hence a potential income. The Inbox Blueprint program incorporates both written lessons as well as tutorial videos to pass the information to the learners.



The face behind the Inbox Blueprint 2018

anik-singalThe program was developed by Anik Singal, an online marketer with over ten years of experience in his field. Anik is also the author of a book – The Circle of Profit and the creator of an internet marketing training course. He has trained over 100,000 students online and has made fortunes through email marketing. Anik Singal is said to have begun from a very humble background, established his online entrepreneurship empire, the Fortune 500 Company that earned him a substantial income through online sales. Through online marketing, Anik Singal successfully overcame a $1.7 million debt menace and earned more than $12 million in 2015. Anik is a popular success story featured on major television networks such as CNN. He has been mentioned among the top 3 young entrepreneurs by Business Weeks and twice by Inc. 500. The success of many internet marketing ventures can be attributed to his generous help and comprehensive training efforts.

About the program

The Inbox Blueprint shows proven steps aimed at building any successful online business from scratch. The training videos are not developed exclusively by Anik Singal, but with the help of his team of successful associates.


Upon logging in the membership area of the Inbox Blueprint 2018, the member sees a series of 8 steps organized into modules. Each module consists of videos, documents and articles.

The 8 steps of the Inbox Blueprint 2018 package


Addiction meter

This is the first step among the modules. It introduces the learner to several recommendations about niches to choose for email marketing. It provides options for selecting a suitable niche since not all niches are ideal for email marketing. Building an online business without an email subscription list requires an initial capital investment. It is more disadvantageous to the investor to target a niche where the recommended product is not needed. The most suitable niche is one that has a huge demand for the recommended products. The addiction meter also guides the learner to a few websites to select products relevant to the niche and the different methods of making money online.

The Bait

The bait shows how to build an opt-in page, design techniques, data to collect from the email subscribers and the valuable information to share with the subscribers. TYP


This is about the online marketer’s Thank you pages upon subscription by the potential buyers. It highlights the strategies for using the Thank you pages and how to apply for the Clickbank Thank you page.

Email Machine

The email machine is better known as the automatic responder service. The automatic responder promptly responds to the subscribers on the email list. The auto-responder allows for the setting of daily automatic emails to the subscribers or ad-hoc emails. The automatic responder services, however, have recurring costs on the internet marketer.

List Relationship

The List Relationship is the fifth step of the training module. It focuses on establishing a working relationship between the online marketer and the subscribers. The relationship builds trust and promotes valuable service to the clients.

Payday Secrets The segment teaches how to transform the subscription list into tangible income (money). It shows the different ways to increase earnings, using other affiliate marketing programs and how to create a genuine product to be offered to the market.

Easy Traffic This shows how to generate traffic to your opt-in page using time, forums, guest blogging, social media sites, paid advertising, Yahoo answers, comments on relevant blogs and free advertising.

Unlimited Success This is the final step of the training module. Unlimited Success shows the catch in sustaining the online business. It includes important metrics to watch, ensuring that emails are delivered and read by the subscribers, increasing conversations and boosting deliverability and open rates.


  • Payment for membership and initial purchase has a 60-day money back guarantee in case the client is dissatisfied.
  • The program has a good, comprehensive training with decent information.
  • The training uses videos and webinars to enhance better understanding of the course.
  • The program gives well-designed opt-in pages that have the potential to yield more subscriptions to the page.
  • Less effort is used in writing effective emails due to the use of power words, swipe files, and subject lines.


  • The training may be complex and overwhelming especially for new learners and people who have never zero knowledge of online marketing.
  • The use of article directories may prove ineffective in a modern learning setting.
  • Some of the modules do not comprehensively cover the detailed information concerning email and online marketing.
  • The initial investment may be overpriced and too costly for people venturing into the online business.
  • The system encourages the use of Private Label Rights (PLR) content which may be a direct infringement of Google ranking rules.

Anik Singal is one of the pioneers in online affiliate marketing. The training program is enjoyable, easy to follow, and the materials are clear. Whether you are a beginner or a skilled online marketer, the Inbox Blueprint 2018 is no doubt a beneficial program. One can become a successful email marketing entrepreneur as long as time, money and effort are willingly invested in the program.

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