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Fan Page Domination Review


A Review of Anthony Morrison’s Fan Page Domination

Product Name: Fan Page Domination
Creator: Anthony Morrison
Recommended? Yes, without Hesitation
Where to Buy: Click Here

Fan Page Domination is an online marketing course developed by Anthony Morrison, a leading social media guru. As the title suggests, the program is about optimizing the marketing potential of Facebook’s fan page feature. The course promises to help you harness the power of Facebook fan pages to bring in a massive amount of traffic to your sales pages, generate a huge and functional email list; guaranteeing you a steady stream of income as a result. In this review we will take an overview of the course to understand what is all about, delve into the author’s profile and his pedigree in the market and then dissect the strategies and methodologies proposed by its author. Finally, we will offer an objective evaluation of the internet marketing product and deliver a verdict on whether you should consider buying it.

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Who is Anthony Morrison?

Before we take a look at what is in the Fan Page Domination course, a word or two about its author are called for. Anthony Morrison is an internet marketer with an enviable pedigree of turning a profit from a number of online ventures. He is the founder and chief executive of Morrison Publishing, an online digital media think-tank teaching emerging entrepreneurs how to be the next Silicon Valley successes.

Anthony Morrison uses a singularly unique approach to coaching. He offers live, functional and tangible examples based on his own experience. For instance, in the case of this Fan Page Domination example, he uses the direct example of his own fan page to illustrate how the techniques he proposes work. At the time of publication of this review, the fan page has well over 500,000 fans and is growing on an exponential trajectory. You can see how he generates and posts the viral content which is then shared by his multitude of fans. He also shows you how he has managed to grow a reliable email list now with well over 200,000 subscribers and growing by the day. It is this type of openness and hands-on training which distinguishes Morrison from many other internet marketing gurus I have run across to date.

Fan Page Domination: An Overview

Fan Page Domination is all about putting your Facebook and email marketing strategies on steroids. You will learn how certain features inbuilt within the world’s foremost social network can help you make posts which go viral, generating thousands of page views and shares. You also learn how to leverage this fandom to actual revenue streams. The best thing is that this training is not presented through some abstract coaching program. You are provided with an actual, live fan page with tangible examples. The examples show you how to implement every strategy on your own fan page, irrespective of the niche or target market.

The Fan Page Domination program is a methodical training program. It is broken into four logical phases so you can take each at a time. These are:

Phase 1 – Getting Set up and Started: Anthony Morrison teaches you how to set up your Facebook fan page and gear it up for success. He teaches you how to set up features which encourage viral sharing of content, everything from auto-responders to fan surveys and more. He offers a number of tips on how to optimize each post to engage well with your target audience.

Phase 2 – Build and Grow: This is all about how to nurture viral sharing of content on your Fan Page. Morrison guides you through methods which will help generate growth and a loyal following from your fans. There are many tried and tested tips on how you will be able to turn the trickle of fans liking your page to an exponential flood. His tips include how to build an email list to help spread the viral content and harness traffic back to your sales page.

Phase 3 – Scale and Launch: In this phase of training, Morrison shows you some practical approaches he uses on his travel fan page to transform Facebook likes to an army of brand ambassadors. He shows you practical methods of using tools like Facebook Live to grow your fan-base to hundreds of thousands for no cost at all!

Phase 4 – Monetize and Profit: This is where it all comes together. In this last phase of training, Morrison devotes time to training you how to leverage the large fan base to generate revenue. This is by far the most exciting part of the training. Morrison shows you practical methods he regularly uses with his own fan page and email list to make a steady and reliable stream of revenue.

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Does it really work?

As someone who has tried plenty of dud money-making schemes on the web, I can safely assure you that the Fan Page Domination program is nothing of the sort. It is a well thought out program with practical and evident methods for growing your revenue base. It follows a tried and tested method of training: teaching by example. What is more, you have ready access to the author at any time. Scams are always perpetrated by some nebulous individuals who do not offer one-on-one interaction with their customers. Anthony Morrison offers the exact opposite. From the word go, you have access to the author himself and can interact with him on live video as he offers personalized training and tips.


  • Real practical examples to follow
  • Opportunities for one-one-one interaction with author during his regular webinars
  • Flexible subscription scheme
  • A watertight money-back guarantee assurance when you subscribe
  • Enjoy three bonus products free of charge


  • Fan Page Domination is one of the more expensive social media training projects out there
  • No free trial period (even though author offers a money-back guarantee)

The Final Word

We have covered the Fan Page Domination program from all angles. However, I know you still have one question in mind: Does it work? According to dozens of testimonials, the answer is yes. While it is true that there are certain ways Morrison can improve his offer to encourage more trust in his program, you have nothing to lose really. This program is highly recommended for people who have been struggling to create an impact on social media as well as creating and monetizing their email lists.

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