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Dark Post Engine Review

Product Name: Dark Post Engine
Product Creator: Jimmy Kim & Fred Lam
Price: $47 (One Time Payment)
Website: www.DarkPostEngine.com
The Verdict: 100% Recommended!

Make Incredible Profits on Facebook Ad Campaigns Using Dark Post Engine


Dark Post Engine is the latest software created by Jimmy Kim & Fred Lam. It is a 2-in-1 cloud-based software that helps one create Facebook ads that reach the targeted audience with precision thereby eliminating any form of guesswork and in the process one saves money.

Dark Post Engine software has fascinating aspects which include;

  • Non-installation–the software is 100% cloud and web-based, therefore, one does not have to go through the rigorous process of installing the software.
  • No more guesswork–most advertisers on Facebook carry out blind ad campaigns without the right know-how on the key aspects to look for. But with the Dark Post Engine software, that is not the case since the ad campaigns are targeted to the right audience.
  • With the Dark Post Software, one can extract the exact landing page and ad from the competitor.
  • Also one will be able to save money because the advertising campaign will work. Therefore, the ad costs reduce and in the process, there is profit increase.
  • The software is also 100% Facebook compliant, unlike most advertising software.
  • One will also enjoy a one off fee without ongoing costs, re-bills or annual costs.
  • The software has step by step training guide that is easy to use.

What One Achieves With the Software

One will be able to eliminate guesswork of Facebook advertising using ‘relevance score’.  As such, understanding how Facebook uses relevance score is critical to any advertising company or organization because of several reasons.

Drastically Lowers the Cost of Reaching Target Audience

If an ad’s relevance score is high, the cost of reaching the target market is lower. As such, Dark Post Engine software is designed in a way that it delivers the right information to the right audience. Facebook can pick the signal in a favorable manner, and this ups the relevance score.

Ad Testing Before Running Campaigns

Dark Post Engine helps advertisers to test different combinations of images and copy with various audiences to monitor the ones that bring out the highest relevance scores and thereby save costs before running full ad campaigns.

Optimizing Ongoing Ad Campaigns

Advertisers optimize relevance scores by use of Dark Post Engine, for instance, if a drive score starts nose-diving, one may refresh the ads creative or audience.

As such, Dark Post Engine helps one master the art of ‘relevance score’ using two types of engines namely; Top Post Engine and Ad post Engine.

1. Top Post Engine

Top Post Engine software helps one craft the perfect ad message and in the process master the art of relevance score. One does this by entering the targeted Facebook page—the software brings out the most engaging posts ranging from 30 to 180 days. With the kind of information, one can effectively come up with a message that passes the same information to your target audience. The process eliminates guesswork and in the process increases the relevance score.

2. Ad Post Engine

The software extracts the messages, images, and landing pages that have been a success. With the software, one can see what is working and in the process eliminate any guesswork.

Dark Post Engine Demo Video

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What One Gets with the Software

The Primary Software

Dark Post Engine comes in downloadable form upon payment.

Dark Post Engine Bonus

Bonus #1: Dark Post Engine Mastery Training


The Dark Post Engine primary guide comes with a bonus—Dark Post Engine Mastery Training e-book. The e-book is a guide that helps one learn the tips and tricks that one can effectively use to run successful Facebook ad campaigns using the Dark Post Engine software.

Bonus #2: Share and Redirect Software

Share and Redirect Software

The software allows one to make use of any image, add it to a link and post it on Facebook after adding the retargeted audience.

Pros and Cons of the Software


The software comes with a 100% 30-day money back guarantee if one is not happy with the software.

The software is also Facebook compliant because the creators followed Facebook’s strict guidelines so that one’s online ad campaigns can succeed without a hitch.


One ought to read and follow the instructions so as to run an efficient ad campaign on Facebook. Therefore, time and effort on the customer’s part are expected.

Verdict- Is Dark Post Engine Software Worth Buying?

Absolutely. The software is ideal for anyone thinking of running an efficient ad campaign on Facebook. The price is also very affordable in comparison with other software on the market promising the same results.

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