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BNB Formula Review


Product Name: BNB Formula
Product Creator: Brian Page & Mike Liebner
The Verdict: 100% Awesome!

While the Internet is expanding Worldwide and a lot of people are using it daily in one way or another, more of them are exploring various ways to create a long-time income by using their skills or resources in the Online environment. If you are thinking of trying the short-term rental market, but you are not sure if you should yet follow this BNB Formula Review to understand how you can make some serious money starting with one property or even no properties at all using AirBNB.

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What is AirBNB?

AirBNB is a lodging rental Online website that allows people to list their properties for short-term renting or find convenient places that “feel like home”, at least a lot more than a hotel does, for a good price and a short period of time, while on a business travel or a short vacation.

BNB Formula Review: What is this formula?

BNB-FormulaThe BNB Formula is a great step by step Online course written by Mike Liebner and Brian Page that can help you build a business in the shortest time possible using only AirBNB. It might seem incredible at first, but Brian made $300.000 in his first year alone using his own tricks that are included in this formula. Using a decade and a half of experience as a real estate business owner and investor Brian Page also created various tips and shortcuts, taking you by the hand through every single process and task required to make this your full time job and maybe the best one you had.

What topics does the BNB Formula cover?

This complete training goes into a lot of topics ranging from how to build your business from home step by step up to how to manage your resources to be more efficient. Some specific modules of the course are:

  • Delegating most of the tasks required to run the business
  • Access to a private community with multiple BNB business owners that support each other
  • Using a variety of software’s to increase the profitability
  • Access to videos with tips and tricks to get the best out of your listings
  • Choosing the best type of property while expanding your business
  • The market hacks that will help you make sure your property is never empty
  • Scaling the entire business to easily reach your goals
  • Help with marketing and promotional techniques for your listings
  • Access to interviews with experts in the BNB hosting business
  • How to interact with guests and make sure your rules are followed
  • Outsourcing communication by using various third party services

These are just a small part of the lessons, tips, tricks or hacks you’ll get access to when enrolling in the training. Not only that, but the entire course is improved or changed from time to time by Brian and Mike if it is necessary so that you or anyone using it can be up to date with any changes on AirBNB or new modules.

Conclusion after the BNB Formula Review

All-in-all this course created by Brian Page with the help of Mike Liebner covers everything you need to know if you want to start your short term rental business using AirBNB. The only downside of it is the time required to understand how it works and to start doing it early on, but later with the resource management advices from Brian you will have almost as much time as you do now. The big difference is at the same time you’ll also own a highly profitable business and maybe reach your goal way faster than you thought you could.

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