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eCom Success Academy

Adrian Morrison’s eCom Success Academy Review

ecom-success-academy-logoProduct Name: eCom Success Academy
Product Creator: Adrian Morrison
Price: $2497 (Payment plan also available)
Website: www.eComSuccessAcademy.com
The Verdict: 100% Awesome!

Adrian Morrison’s eCom Success Academy Review

The eCommerce industry is taking shape and technology is making it move miles ahead. In the past, individuals would get worried about setting an online store since they had to get seriously worried by issues regarding website design, payment processing, scripts, and storage among many others. This process could take most of the time, commitment, and above all massive amounts of money to make an online store. Currently, it’s just a matter of few hours where you have to work on a single dashboard. The eCom Success Academy is one of the online business products that have revolutionized how internet business is being conducted in addition to helping many people, as well as their companies, gain some cash. Adrian Morrison is behind its creation.

Who is Adrian Morrison?

adrian-morrisonAdrian Morrison is responsible for some of the largest Internet Marketing campaigns in the last 10 years. He ran an infomercial nationwide for 3 years promoting his books “Social Media Profits From Home” resulting in over 250,000 sales.

Adrian’s company has been doing live events and workshops all over the US for the last 8 years attended by over 250,000 people in 48 different states. He loves training and educating people on how to use the Internet and the opportunity it presents to live a better life.

Adrian’s launches have regularly generated some of the highest EPC’s in the industry while maintaining integrity and compliance. Having launched many offers eCom Success Academy is focused strictly on Shopify, which has been a major focus for Adrian and his business the last 8 months.

About the Morrison’s eCom Success Academy (Review)

The eCom Success Academy has seven modules of video training, discounts, apps, live events and bonuses. These modules include:

1. Shopify

The module is again broken down to give eight sub-modules. It covers everything starting from the setting up a Shopify store to product addition as well as promotion of strategies and brand building.

2. Sourcing Products

This eCom’s module entails the sub-modules on custom products on demand, drop shipping sources, and done for fulfillment. Besides, it concerns the best practices on finding vendors, products, and price negotiation.

3. Facebook

Adrian Morrison is known to be among the few best marketers on Facebook. His expenditure of millions concerning his campaigns compelled Facebook to give him and award. Therefore, it is worth checking out ways of acquiring traffic from Facebook training, whether it paid or free. One of the eCommerce Service Academy bonuses provides knowledge tips on how to multiply traffic to your Facebook Fan Page by over ten times just for free.

4. Email Marketing

Have you ever known that you can integrate email marketing with eCommerce? Morrison provides a full module on this including how one can get visitors back, offer promos of the email, and many tons of email templates for Shopify promotions.

5. Building your A-Team

Once there is everything, you should immerse yourself in building a team and automating the whole process. Although this isn’t compulsory, you have the capacity to it, individual. Besides, Morrison makes good points on having the team free up your time in addition to growing and scaling your lucrative business.

6. Project Management

This is the most important thing even for those who aren’t in eCommerce. The eCommerce Service Academy shows how one can manage a team and get the best out of it successfully.

7. Long-term Exit Plan

This illustrates how to end the course as Morrison goes over how to structure a business ad in the best way possible. Through doing all these, one can even sell the created business for several millions of dollars. There are many other exit strategies other than the selling of the business.

Suitability of the eCom Success Academy

The Academy is gaining international popularity with Adrian Morrison at it helm. The business model is useful for:

  • Housing projects
  • Creation of small businesses
  • Political campaigns so that one can get the necessary people for funding and supporting purposes
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Artist seeking of financing for their creative work, and
  • Creation of small businesses among many others.


  • The model lowers the costs of operation to achieve business goals.
  • It enhances the endless generation of innovative ideas.
  • It’s responsible for the variety of proposals from communities.


  •  Its focus on the internet is a limitation for those who cannot access the internet world.

Why eCom is the Best Way to Online Earning in 2017

ecom-success-reviewThe eCom Success Academy is in its incomparable league. After carefully perusing through various case studies as well as learning what most people are doing at the moment in making money, then eCommerce stays on top. It’s the best way to go.

The use of the Academy adds an advantage to the eCommerce. It has lifted most people and companies financially for a very short period. In the past, people had to stay put in business for some years before their businesses could see the light. Currently, many are making money faster than in the usual past in addition to building long term businesses. It’s one of the ways through which people are opening a business quickly since there isn’t any need to have huge capital to hire and pay a team as well as establish a store.

Therefore, eCom Success Academy is the one to help you start a business online. You need not have adequate capital, and you can see the business flourishing as early as after a few days.

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Note: This is a review.

Click Here to visit the official Learn Build Earn website.

Learn Build Earn Review


Learn Build Earn by Mark Ling is a program that teaches about making lots of money online from scratch. This is realized by making and selling information products. This program starts from freshers level, finding profitable niches and proceeds to cover a lot of stuff. These techniques enable the user to make a healthy income seamlessly. It combines all possible information from marketing experts. Apparently, having a personal product and an online sales funnel is the best way to get a seven figure income. Implementation of this program will enable the user to make money online around the clock. Learn Build Earn transcends all the seminars attended and advice received from different marketing masterminds.


Who is Mark Ling?

Mark Ling is a widely known internet marketing expert. He is qualified and experienced in teaching all this staff since he has many VSLS and recurring billing products set up in a wide variety of niches. Other niches may include business opportunities, IM and software among others. He provides working systems and replicates them to different markets. His success in marketing has earned him millions of dollars, thousands of students and business awards

Target Group

Learn Build Earn starts at a low level to take care of people who have not build any websites or made as a single buck online yet. It provides enough training and community support to enable them achieve higher monetary status. This program is meant for people who are interested in setting up a marketing money making machine. Experienced marketers are more advantageous for they are guaranteed of a booming business beyond their imagination after the program. These tips are a great addition to people who have attended seminars and undergone other training programs on online marketing. It easily motivates people to quit their day jobs with long working hours and little pay. This program has also come to the rescue to people who are highly committed in their families such that they have minimal time to run their online businesses. Even the lazy people can still work for less hours per week and still earn a five to six figure income.

Features of Lurn Build Earn

This is a web based software and training program. Marks new course is all about generating income online starting from the ground up. The source of income is from selling different personal information products. The program provides information on up-sells, tripwire offers, copy writing, sales and building a website. It teaches on how to construct a high value offers that attract many customers. These are covered at the entry level. Learn Build Earn proceeds to cover more advanced topics like recurring billing offers, constructing comprehensive offerings and video sales letters. It goes on further to cover topics like high ticket programs and making sales using a webinar launch model. This is the kind of stuff that can be taught by very few successful and qualified marketers like Mark. It includes bonuses and resources like recordings on live copy writing and conversions. These are based on an event held in Vancouver, Canada. These high value resources can also be used as additional up sells for existing offers. Mark Ling teaches people on how to set up funnels in numerous markets that make large sales daily. The program can be used to start IM career all the way to being a highly paid and top ranking vendor. This is a 14 module program that enables anyone to earn a new level of income online. It enables the user to emulate what Mark does in his own successful business. The program helps in optimization of techniques to achieve success with minimal effort. The products cart will be opened from 21st August, 2016. The video training program is expected to be offered at a price of $2497.


  • Provides diverse information
  • Helps to generate customer traffic
  • Useful for beginners
  • Smooth transition from simple to advanced tips
  • Comes with bonuses


  • Expensive


This is the most advanced training program from Mark Ling. The entrepreneurial methods provided are personalized and proven. Apart from the new Learn Earn Build, he has championed other money-making and affiliate marketing training programs. This specific program is packed with helpful tips based on Marks knowledge. The tips are guaranteed to take one’s personal business to the next level. The program has not yet been released yet but it is expected to be a hit.

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Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula Review

Product Name: Product Launch Formula 2017product-launch-formula
Product Creator: Jeff Walker
Price: $1997 OR 6 Payments of $397
Website: www.ProductLaunchFormula.com
The Verdict: 100% Awesome!

Product Launch Formula is the brainchild of Jeff Walker. Now in its second edition, it has proven to be one of the most powerful and profitable courses for many of the students who have applied its principles. With so many junk products online Jeff’s product is one that delivers on its promises. One only has to listen to the case multiple case studies of his students to understand just how powerful the techniques are.

Here are just some of the results of Jeff’s students:

  • Health related product: Dr. Joe Mercola wanted to sell a special teleclinic product to his list of opt-in subscribers. Without any joint venture partners, he was able to gross over $500,000 in sales using the techniques taught in the course. Joe was smart and created an informational product that could be delivered digitally. This meant that he had none of the usual expenses that physical products incur. It also meant that he could sell as many as he wanted to without worrying about stock or inventory.
  • Another example is Martin Howey who sold 100 spots in a high ticket coaching course to generate two million dollars in sales. By using the product launch formula process, he was able to achieve this with a list of only five thousand people. None of this could have been possible without the step by step processes.

Why you need a plan for this Product Launch Formula by Jeff Walker.

When launching any product, whether it be online or offline, it is important to have a ‘battle plan’. You need a step by step checklist of all the things you need to do to ensure that everything goes smoothly on launch day. Launching a product can be a particularly challenging task, especially for beginners, so it is always helpful to be able to leverage the knowledge of more experienced people to give yourself the best possible chance of success.

Before you get ready to sell anything, you need to make sure that all the pieces of the puzzle are in place. Make sure that your sales letter is proofread and that your order process works seamlessly. You should also consider letting your merchant account know that you’ll be expecting a high volume of sales flow through your account. Failure to do these things can mean your launch turns into a disaster. The last thing you want is to have people trying to pay you money but find themselves unable to for one reason or another.

You should spend some effort in creating a checklist that you can refer to time after time so that you can be sure you won’t miss any important points. You can tick off the list as you go and come launch day, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you’ve done everything you can to ensure your success. The benefit of doing things right the first time is that you can then re-apply those techniques to future launches without doing any of the work again.

So what makes exactly makes these launches so successful?

There are several techniques that you can instantly use to improve your own success. One of the most important things to consider is the power of social proof. This is often overlooked by many marketers but having honest testimonials and feedback from real people can instill a great deal of trust in your prospects mind.

The Even feedback that can sound negative may be useful in increasing your credibility. If someone asks for a refund, give it to them gracefully. Many times they will reply and thank you for your professionalism. This is the perfect testimonial to add to your site to prove the type of respectable person that you are. Remember, customers don’t buy from companies – they buy from people. Show them you are a real, genuine person and you can increase your chances of success when it comes time to launch your product.

Scam or System?


The Product Launch Formula helps you create a superior marketing campaign that casts the property you are selling as a unique and desirable opportunity for any potential buyers.

The system allows you to build a list of motivated buyers, provided you use it multiple times within the same general area.


The system has some limitations if you need to sell multiple properties all at once. You can probably repeat the process successfully within a week or two-week time frame, but running multiple launches at the same time might be more difficult.

On the other hand, if you are able to build a reputation for the quality of your product, you could do “internal launches” to your buyer’s list while you do an external launch on a different property.


By spending the time to plan out your launch sequence you will inevitably increase the profitability of any campaign. This is something that you should do regardless of whether or now Jeff’s course is part of your arsenal. However, if you are new to this whole process, then it may be safer and more effective to learn the tried and tested techniques that you can learn from investing in professional training materials.

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How to start an informational business with Lurn Insider?

Lurn Insider is a strategic product created by the Anik Singal which helps him to generate more than 100,000,000 dollars in sales and get him out from 1.7 million dollars in debt. In this course, he provides his vast 13 years old knowledge of digital in marketing of an Informational product. This information about this course makes this course so much lucrative for students due to Anik Singal good track record in Digital Marketing of his own Informational products. In this modules, he shares every important aspect of his strategy to move his earnings from 0 to 100 million dollars in sales.

Click Here To Visit The Lurn Insider Official Website

Who is Anik Singal?

Before buying this course, it is better to know more about the creator of this strategic product on informational business. The success story of Anil Singal is long but I will shorten it for my readers. He began his entrepreneurial journey from his college days. He started “Learn Build Earn” startup with his digital marketer friend Mark Ling on his campus. He does not like to live on people’s terms. Actually, his main reason to start and learn entrepreneurship is to live life on his terms.

At that time, money is the scarce and college education is not interesting enough. So, he went to his wise friend, “GOOGLE”.

While surfing on Google, he realized that many pals are making a decent income of 50k per month by selling informational product on the internet. Now, you are thinking that it is super easy to earn money from Google at that time. Then, you are thinking completing wrong because Anik struggled more than 10 months to learn how to sell informational products online due to lots of scammers around the internet?

He is almost in a quitting position but at that lucky moment, he visited a “secret forum” and he got some magical steps related to selling an informational product online. He worked very hard on those steps and one night, when he visited his Click bank account, then he got shocked by seeing lots of conversion with a hefty amount in his Click bank account. From that day, he never made less than 300$ in a day. Let’s learn about the pros and cons of Lurn Insider.

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Pros of Lurn Insider – An Education Guide on Selling Informational Product:

● The training is easy to follow and learn.

● You can save lots of the money on a yearly membership of this course.

● Step by step training format for the newbies.

● It has an affordable price and pocket-friendly.

● You are going to learn the best-tested strategy of earning 100,000,000 dollars in sales in this training.

● To keep you on track, it also provides Downloadable PDF during the training.

● Weekly webinars and online classes.

● Best tools accessibility for digital marketing.

● It provides various courses on the creation of a product.

● 24/7 customer support.

● This course has trained more than 150000 students worldwide.

Cons of Lurn Insider – An Education Guide on Selling Informational Product:

● Keep ready with upsells and down sells of affiliate marketing.

● In the trial period, some features of the program have been removed.

● You can get an information overload issue in this course.

● The videos or webinars are a little bit long in size which can become boring to watch.

● This strategy is not a quick rich scheme. It takes a time to execute it properly.

After reading the pros and cons of Lurn Insider, I think that you will get a better idea of this product and its functionalities.

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Right now, it is offering three courses in his modules:

● Power Start-Up 101: In this course, Les Brown got the attention of mine here. In this course, you will get the 5 Important aspects of millionaire’s mindset. The only thing you need to apply is to stop and think. This course contains 5 videos of 6-10 minutes each and one video of 50 minutes on Goal Setting and its significance in anybody life. It covers Gratitude, Sacrifice, Importance of Failure, Focus and Goals.

● The Scaling Mind- 60 Minute Entrepreneurial Bootcamp: In this course, you will get the two important things required to build a successful online business. It also shows the way to train your mind to focus effectively in the pursuit of happiness. The other things, this course will cover “How to build a successful business in a year” and its execution.

● The Profit Labs- The Perfect Blueprint to take your Business Live: This course contains 10 lessons on digital marketing of your informational business which can be learned in 10 days. It includes Niche selection, Monetization, Copywriting, Tools for Digital Marketing, Creating your opt-in pages, etc.

The Creator of this product offers modules in such a way which will help the student to get the best result as soon as possible. So, let’s begin to look at the modules of this course:

● The first step of this course is Digital Publishing Bootcamp.

● Basic Understanding of Facebook Ads.

● How to learn Storytelling marketing in an effective way?

● How to make great video content to attract targeted customers to your information product?

● How to create a lump sum of money by selling books online?

● High conversion funnels secrets.

● How to create a profitable website with WordPress?

● The highly profitable niches in the market and how to find its related affiliates?

● How to check your niche selection is great in five ways?

● Experts advise.

● Learn: How to generate high traffic from low competition keywords easily?

● How to use outsourcing, freelancers, and virtual assistants to scale your business rapidly?

● Marketing of videos.

● How to create the best sales copy for your informational product?

● How to seek out the right affiliates for your product to increase the exposure online?

● Explanation of Affiliate Marketing 101 and Advanced Facebook Ads.

● The right way to attract leads through Email Marketing.

● How to generate traffic from Twitter?

● How to improve your landing page design and its functionality?

The above modules are some of the best features of Lurn Insider course. So, what are you waiting for? The best affiliate entrepreneur Anik Singal is ready to share his secrets with the world in this course. Grab it before it lasts!

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Matt Clark’s Amazing Selling Machine 8 Review

Have you ever yearned to sell products on Amazon? Have you always wanted to own your own products on Amazon? Would you want to have an online business that would replace your regular income? If the answers to these questions is yes you may want to try out the Amazing Selling Machine 8.

What is Amazing Selling Machine?

The ASM8 is a step by step course that enlightens members on how to build a profitable business on Amazon. Developed by Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback, this unique product was launched in April 2013. Both Matt and Jason have a great experience in Amazon. The program is, therefore, a complete package to selling products on Amazon including 9 proprietary software, 8 weeks of web classes, and a private community on Facebook.

See Real Amazon Product Opportunities LIVE

Why selling physical products is better

While selling physical products you’re developing your own business and not someone else’s. You are also building a list of clients whom you can sell to in future.

The Amazing Selling Machine 8  Training Courses Includes

  • An 8-week program meant to help you build your business by selling physical products.
  • An 8 week of live coaching that assists you to stay on track while selling your products.
  • Lifetime membership to the ASM of online entrepreneurs where members support and interact with each other as well as get a feedback and coaching.
  • 7 propriety tools that will help members to automate and build their businesses.

Click Here To Visit The Amazing Selling Machine Official Website

The Course Modules

This Amazon Selling Machine course includes 8 different modules with each module taking one week. It has been designed like this to help you stay on the path and ensure that you achieve success and get a higher competition rate. Here are the modules

Module 1

Account creation and fundamentals- This module explains how to set up your business with Amazon seller. It also explains to you how to do a proper analysis and choose the product that will sell well on amazon.

Module 2

Picking the product- This module teaches how to choose the best product which has less competition. You will also understand why designing and labeling your package is very important.

Module 3

Amazon listing set up- In this module, you will learn how to list your items using the right keyword. You will also learn some proper on-page SEO so that your product can rank well.

Module 4

Creating a killer product- This module will teach you how you can start in the right way which is very important to establish your brand and product on amazon.

Module 5

The listing launch formula- This is a very important module because it teaches you how to promote and drive traffic to your amazon product listing.

Module 6

Product promotion secret- Here, you will learn about brand awareness and how you can boost it with sales tactics.

Module 7

The ultimate sales accelerator- Once your sales are consistent and your brand is established, this module will teach you how to accelerate them further. You will also know how to accelerate your sales more. More so, you will know how to use review magnets to boost your sales more.

Module 8

Outsourcing and scaling- This last module is all about scaling and outsourcing your business more. You will learn how to outsource the non-income activities so as to concentrate on profitable activities.

The Cost/Price

The amazing selling machine 2017 comes with 2 payment options

  1. A payment of $3497 which is one time.
  2. A payment of $997 which is 4 monthly installment totaling to $3988.

Amazing selling machine 8 will give you the tools to

  • Choose the best product to sell.
  • Find the best suppliers from the US and around the world including countries such as china.
  • Comfortably use Upwork and other sites to get a professionally done labeling and packing that you can send to the suppliers.
  • Use FBA (fulfillment by amazon) that you can use to automate your order processing and shipping and do most customer services that the business requires.
  • Be able to achieve a massive traffic and high conversion rate using some of the best marketing strategies and proprietary tools
  • Boost your business by using multiple products.

Who is the machine meant for?

This amazing selling machine is meant for experienced marketers who want to increase their income by expanding their businesses. Since it’s a high ticket program, you need to have the money to buy it and a few more dollars to invest in your first products. If you lack the experience or you are struggling with your finances then the program is not meant for you.


  • With this program, you don’t need a website and you also don’t have to be experienced in SEO, PPC and affiliate marketing.
  • This program has the best customer support. They provide a full-time customer support where you can call, email, and chat with them 24/7. They promise to solve any issue within 24 hours.
  • You get all the traffic from amazon which is one of the largest market places in the world.
  • This program does not depend on Google hence you will not be affected even if there is a change.
  • You do not have to be a resident of the US.
  • You can start with a small capital and gradually grow your business.
  • There is a network of community members where you will get all the support that you need.
  • You will get a lifetime membership into an exclusive member’s only community. This is where you can interact with other members and know more about the product.


  • Priced at $3497, this program is very costly.
  • It’s only meant for experienced marketers.


The amazing selling machine 8  is a unique product that is worth the cost. According to members, there is no doubt about its quality. Most members have testified that you can easily recoup your investments within 6 months of using it. With just minutes of investing, it guarantees you an amazing income. It’s one of the greatest ways to make a great amount of passive income. With effective training system and a user-friendly navigation, you can learn a lot with the program. If you want to earn immediate income, it’s a must buy. With 100% money back guarantee you will not regret anything.

Click Here To Join Amazing Selling Machine Now!



A Review of Anthony Morrison’s Fan Page Domination

Product Name: Fan Page Domination
Creator: Anthony Morrison
Recommended? Yes, without Hesitation
Where to Buy: Click Here

Fan Page Domination is an online marketing course developed by Anthony Morrison, a leading social media guru. As the title suggests, the program is about optimizing the marketing potential of Facebook’s fan page feature. The course promises to help you harness the power of Facebook fan pages to bring in a massive amount of traffic to your sales pages, generate a huge and functional email list; guaranteeing you a steady stream of income as a result. In this review we will take an overview of the course to understand what is all about, delve into the author’s profile and his pedigree in the market and then dissect the strategies and methodologies proposed by its author. Finally, we will offer an objective evaluation of the internet marketing product and deliver a verdict on whether you should consider buying it.

Click Here To Visit The Fan Page Domination Official Website

Who is Anthony Morrison?

Before we take a look at what is in the Fan Page Domination course, a word or two about its author are called for. Anthony Morrison is an internet marketer with an enviable pedigree of turning a profit from a number of online ventures. He is the founder and chief executive of Morrison Publishing, an online digital media think-tank teaching emerging entrepreneurs how to be the next Silicon Valley successes.

Anthony Morrison uses a singularly unique approach to coaching. He offers live, functional and tangible examples based on his own experience. For instance, in the case of this Fan Page Domination example, he uses the direct example of his own fan page to illustrate how the techniques he proposes work. At the time of publication of this review, the fan page has well over 500,000 fans and is growing on an exponential trajectory. You can see how he generates and posts the viral content which is then shared by his multitude of fans. He also shows you how he has managed to grow a reliable email list now with well over 200,000 subscribers and growing by the day. It is this type of openness and hands-on training which distinguishes Morrison from many other internet marketing gurus I have run across to date.

Fan Page Domination: An Overview

Fan Page Domination is all about putting your Facebook and email marketing strategies on steroids. You will learn how certain features inbuilt within the world’s foremost social network can help you make posts which go viral, generating thousands of page views and shares. You also learn how to leverage this fandom to actual revenue streams. The best thing is that this training is not presented through some abstract coaching program. You are provided with an actual, live fan page with tangible examples. The examples show you how to implement every strategy on your own fan page, irrespective of the niche or target market.

The Fan Page Domination program is a methodical training program. It is broken into four logical phases so you can take each at a time. These are:

Phase 1 – Getting Set up and Started: Anthony Morrison teaches you how to set up your Facebook fan page and gear it up for success. He teaches you how to set up features which encourage viral sharing of content, everything from auto-responders to fan surveys and more. He offers a number of tips on how to optimize each post to engage well with your target audience.

Phase 2 – Build and Grow: This is all about how to nurture viral sharing of content on your Fan Page. Morrison guides you through methods which will help generate growth and a loyal following from your fans. There are many tried and tested tips on how you will be able to turn the trickle of fans liking your page to an exponential flood. His tips include how to build an email list to help spread the viral content and harness traffic back to your sales page.

Phase 3 – Scale and Launch: In this phase of training, Morrison shows you some practical approaches he uses on his travel fan page to transform Facebook likes to an army of brand ambassadors. He shows you practical methods of using tools like Facebook Live to grow your fan-base to hundreds of thousands for no cost at all!

Phase 4 – Monetize and Profit: This is where it all comes together. In this last phase of training, Morrison devotes time to training you how to leverage the large fan base to generate revenue. This is by far the most exciting part of the training. Morrison shows you practical methods he regularly uses with his own fan page and email list to make a steady and reliable stream of revenue.

Ready to get started? Click Here to get it now!

Does it really work?

As someone who has tried plenty of dud money-making schemes on the web, I can safely assure you that the Fan Page Domination program is nothing of the sort. It is a well thought out program with practical and evident methods for growing your revenue base. It follows a tried and tested method of training: teaching by example. What is more, you have ready access to the author at any time. Scams are always perpetrated by some nebulous individuals who do not offer one-on-one interaction with their customers. Anthony Morrison offers the exact opposite. From the word go, you have access to the author himself and can interact with him on live video as he offers personalized training and tips.


  • Real practical examples to follow
  • Opportunities for one-one-one interaction with author during his regular webinars
  • Flexible subscription scheme
  • A watertight money-back guarantee assurance when you subscribe
  • Enjoy three bonus products free of charge


  • Fan Page Domination is one of the more expensive social media training projects out there
  • No free trial period (even though author offers a money-back guarantee)

The Final Word

We have covered the Fan Page Domination program from all angles. However, I know you still have one question in mind: Does it work? According to dozens of testimonials, the answer is yes. While it is true that there are certain ways Morrison can improve his offer to encourage more trust in his program, you have nothing to lose really. This program is highly recommended for people who have been struggling to create an impact on social media as well as creating and monetizing their email lists.

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What is Infinity Code?

Infinity Code is a training program by Ryan Coisson, Daniel Audunsson. It will teach you shipping and maintenance of your physical products inventory in a systematic method to save your time and money and to sell your products for more profits in your ecommerce business.

This is the special method which is termed as the infinity code has been implemented in many big ecommerce giants like Amazon which made them successful around the world. Infinity code can be used in any physical product niche for online marketing and selling. Infinity code training program mainly concentrates on teaching you how to manage your time and make efficient and wise investments into your ecommerce business.

How Infinity Code helps your business?

Infinity Code training will teach you on how to market your product in the best ways possible with a very minimal marketing budget that in-turn will increase your business profitability.

Since last one year, there was a profound shift in the Amazon working architecture that helped in gaining more profits than their expectations because of the business model that was put into practice taught by Infinity Code training program. Most of the business heads were given a special task to complete the training program soon to work on their respected workflow in Amazon.

Though, since the group has spitted, making it more upfront to make a more than 100 grand in the Amazon ecommerce business with the help of Infinity Code training program that at whatsoever the point a bit recently. The Infinity Code is totally termed as extraordinary system that shapes the budding entrepreneurs.

The Efficiency of Infinity Code

The Infinity Code system mainly focuses on traditional obligations & advantages that you need to know which shows the strength in your business. So it is almost shifting gears with threat free, less stock delivery techniques. The Infinity Code training system is about rapidly attaining top positions.

As an efficient outcome, it is all about saving the dead or combating situations and loopholes that folks have discarded by swiftly offering lingering stock. Infinity code will in-turn sells your long stocked products in your inventory sold with more marginal profit in your ecommerce niche.

Pros and Cons of Infinity Code

Pros of Infinity Code

Just to be fair enough of what good and the bad this Infinity system does to your system. As per the reviews from many users and business veterans in ecommerce field who used this Infinity code system then state that

ü The training is pretty much well-constructed with easy and understandable layman’s terminology.

ü The system teaches you on how to increase your business profit in the real time ecommerce business.

ü Infinity code makes you to learn managing your inventory & shipping process with very less time and money.

ü The system works very well with a good upfront investment right from the starting of your business.

ü Helps the bad business players as well to revamp their stocked inventory sales rapidity.

ü Teaches you how to handle the customer service process as well.

ü Infinity code makes you to learn on how to up-sell or cross-sell the related products.

Cons of Infinity Code

However there are quite a few cons that effect the people who are not willing to invest in their business development.

  • Implementation of the process is a bit time taking for the budding entrepreneurs.
  • Infinity Code system is a bit expensive for new business aspirants.
  • Monthly investment marketing campaigns will take a toll on small online storefronts.
  • The time you need to spend every day till you master the business techniques.

All the cons mentioned above actually works as an advantage in the later stages of your business sales improvement and making more profitable income with the same investment at very little time frames.

Features of Infinity Code System

  • ebay Marketing Strategies & Bidding techniques.
  • Amazon Rapid sales techniques.
  • Importing and exporting the products with special dispatching strategies.
  • Product sourcing policies and the safe margin during the offer periods.
  • Business set-up training.
  • Avoidance of scammers and secured payment methods.
  • Cash conservation during the shipping process for low volume dispatches.
  • Video tutorials with special recording feature to revise for later referencing.

Infinity Code Training Program Overview

Infinity Code system is the best user friendly training program that requires no pre-requisites to be part of ecommerce business. With an affordable investment, the system trains you the perfect and 100% risk free business development process for any ecommerce storefront management. Infinity Code mainly concentrates on making your business sales rapidly with aggressive marketing strategies that makes your time and money sent wisely in the marketing niche of your business.

The effort from your end should be 100% to learn well from the training sessions to cross your business revenue cross $100,000 index within no time. For the people who are not willing to invest in Infinity Code training and follow their orthodox marketing ways will definitely feel the pressure and low sales when compared with the advancement of market players in your niche.

Another important aspect of Infinity Code Training program is it helps moving your long stocked inventory out with a great profitable margin. The program teaches you on how to cross-sell your stocked products by showing the customers with the perfect related product when they are checking out for their desired product in your store front. It helps in setting up a definite customer service process as well to handle the issues related to your product.

Most bad business players feel that they have lost the battle in ecommerce business, however they still wonder on how the other players in their niche are performing well. The only difference is they have followed the right advice at the right time. It is better late than never start for anything in your life. Infinity Code helps you crackdown the unsold long stocked products in your inventory to creep-up in the dispatch process with a good marginal profit and a very less spending in the delivery process.

The Final Verdict

Infinity Code is providing you the opportunity to become an entrepreneur in ecommerce niche that makes you to earn money over 100 grand within less than a year if implemented with right investment at the right place at the right time, then you are the just the market leader by becoming a wise investor. For people who think to save money and learn different techniques other than Infinity Code, they are just fallen as a prey for scamming playoffs played by the phishing societies. Make your storefront be the front runner in your niche of ecommerce marketplace!

Affiliated marketing has increased in popularity over the last few years. Now more than ever, people are trying to make a living from home through this sales based job type. In case you’re new to this great wave of the new internet marketing industry, let us break it down for you. There are two basic ways to make money in both face to face and internet selling. The first is to sell someone else products. This is relatively easy, low risk and doesn’t involve a large investment but it does mean you’ll only reap the benefits on a small percentage of your sales. The second way, is to create your own product. Unfortunately, though this is the more lucrative route, the start up costs can be expensive and it carries a much higher risk should the business venture fail. Many people who start off down the path of selling other peoples products, make the switch from affiliate marketing to product creation because the rewards are far greater. Having a clear plan of how you are going to launch your product is the bigger issue though. You need to at least know the basics. Launching a product the right way can be extremely financially rewarding, whilst if it doesn’t take, it could be a complete disaster. To help try to bridge this gap and offer his advice, Matt Clark has produced his Launch Evolution. A coaching program, focused on product creation and its eminent launch.

What exactly is Launch Evolution?

Launch Evolution aims at clearing up the how’s and why’s of bringing a new product to market and how it can succeed with the right tools. Outlining the correct strategies, plans and even marketing tactics to achieving a successful product, Matt Clark’s Launch Evolution is taking the public by a storm. Of course, for such industry secrets, the answer to success if you will, there’s a price to pay. A literal one. The course comes with a hefty price tag but to obtain insider knowledge from the creator of other well known courses such as Online Jumpstart, App Startup and Amazing Selling Machine, it sounds like value for money.

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Who Is Matt Clark?

Clark is an expert in his field and as said before, he has many other successful courses under his belt. Launching and growing four multimillion dollar businesses, this product guru’s past speaks for itself. Clark isn’t alone however, there is also the second author of Launch Evolution, Jason Katzenback. Self proclaimed entrepreneur, Katzenback launched his first million dollar business in 2005 and has gone from strength to strength since. With Clark, article writer for Forbes and Business and Katzenback’s entrepreneurial stamina, the two make quite the dynamic duo.

What to expect from Launch Evolution?

Launch evolution consists of carefully selected CDs, video’s, case studies, interviews and manuals that teaches you how to successfully launch your own product. The course has been designed with many forms of learning methods, from audio to visual to written, in order to help everybody, as not everyone learns in the same way. It is not niche specific, so it doesn’t matter if you intend to launch a gardening spade or a piece of jewelry, the method is the same. What’s more is that even if you aren’t certain what kind of product or service you are going to launch, the course will train you how to launch that too! You don’t need to visualize the product, just the method and then you can apply it to which ever product you wish. Some of the key topics include marketing, sales, traffic generation, advertising campaigns, joint ventures and email marketing.

The multi format course contents a rich content, covering every aspect of product launch, going into detail about what makes the difference between a successful launch and a failed one. Not your average coaching course, what makes Launch Evolution unique is that the two authors, Clark and Katzenback have included all of the resources they personally used to create their own thriving businesses. They teach what they know and what they have proved works, in other words, this is not simply theory. They have put it into practice and now they want to share it with you. Helping you make the most of the course, it includes mind maps, check lists and spreadsheets to help you practically implement your learning.

Outlining the three main factors that determine whether a product is successful or not, Offer, Model and Traffic, Launch Evolution examines these factors carefully, to ensure you get them right every time. It goes on to explain the questions that need answered, for example, why customers will buy your product, what problem does it solve and what will they gain from purchasing it. Putting the importance back on the product, Launch Evolution explains that the customer needs to fully grasp what problem your product will solve or what they will achieve by the purchase in order for it to be successful. It is your job as the marketer to ensure that the customer can easily read this from your campaigns and marketing.

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What are the Pros?

  • The Launch Evolution course is a one-time price for everyone, even start-ups with no reoccurring costs or hidden fees
  • The authors have proved their worth. They have actually put all of this knowledge into practice and now the secrets are there for the taking
  • If you’re not satisfied, there is a money back guarantee, ensuring the course is risk-free
  • All aspects of product launch are covered, leaving no gaps to fill in yourself, it is spoon fed education at its finest
  • You can apply the strategies to any product, realized or not yet realized in any field of business
  • You receive access to essential marketing resources and tools that are indispensable when launching a new product
  • There is also the option to discuss your product, consult with the authors and obtain their feedback on your progression into product launch

What are the cons?

  • Although the course is value for money, it is still one of the most expensive coaching courses available
  • If you haven’t used a coaching course before, potential buyers may be concerned as to how effective it may be
  • If you are not business minded, the terminology could be confusing at first but once learnt it will become your go to for any future product launches

100K Factory Revolution by Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton

Product Name: 100K Factory Revolution
Product Creator: Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton
Website: 100KFactory.com
Recommended?  Yes, without Hesitation!

The 100K Factory Revolution is a powerful program that can help you generate $100,000 income online based on working and tested business model. The new Ultra Edition has been build around same principles as the original version; it is scalable, fast and profitable. It covers numerous online marketing disciplines that you get an opportunity to learn about and exploit. You will be able to use the 100K Factory Revolution program to generate recurring income from many avenues: affiliate marketing, AdSense, selling various products through email leads that are quickly generated through various traffic sources, and so on.

Click Here To Visit The 100k Factory Revolution Official Website

Who Is Behind This Program?

The program has been developed by renowned Internet marketer Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton (former fortune 500 CEO). The two have now teamed up and have decided to use their vast experience in Internet marketing and business to develop this program.

Aidan Booth has been in Internet marketing since 2004. He’s created over 1540 sites to date. Steve Clayton also has a rich experience in online marketing and lots of experience in business

Aidan met Steve when he was working on structured plans for his new online business that has lot of websites. They ultimately created 100K Factory to share their rich knowledge on online marketing and business success with the world.

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100k Factory Revolution – How this program works?

It’s a comprehensive program that contains training video modules, live training workshops, numerous PDF manuals and detailed business planning kits that show you ways to generate $100k per year using just four websites that get targeted traffic from viral content, Facebook ads, in-house traffic software, Google and other search engines.

The program will teach you ways to get traffic within a short period of time through viral sources eliminating all concerns about competition.

The 100K Factory Revolution system allows you to build lucrative sites that tap into highly targeted online traffic coming from:

• Viral content sharing
• Paid Facebook ads
• Google and other search engines
• Custom traffic generation software

You will also learn how setup and monetize four websites using:

  • Ad Sense
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Leads, etc
  • Your own services/products

Normally Aidan and Steve recommend people to start monetization strategy using few affiliate links, but they also insist that targeted traffic options are very broad. You will be able to achieve your goals fast due to custom built tool suite. Besides getting lifetime access to tool suite, you will also get step-by-step training by Aidan and Steve, delivered through their specialized support system.

What Makes The REVOLUTION EDITION So Powerful and Effective?

1. Predicatility – The best thing about the new eCommerce model is that you will be able to sell various physical products without actually buying any inventory up front (either as an affiliate or with dropshipping). This can be a real “game changer” for your business since you will be able to test real profitability and returns on investment before you get “full in” with any product idea! So no more guesses in business! With ultra edition update you learn more about a precise process which eliminates all risks of failure by thoroughly testing which all products actually work, and which don’t.

2. Convertibility – What makes 100k Factory Revolution ultra edition update a real killer is High Converting Traffic stream you’ll learn to drive to all your ecommerce sites! The system relies in Low Cost Ads that result in unusually high conversions. It also teaches you to use Facebook as one of your advertising strategies, as you can advertise with precision and driver laser-targeted traffic to your new websites within minutes. In addition you will learn ways to rank your ecommerce site on Google and how to build email list at the same time to get even bigger traffic stream!

3. Scalability – This business model is not just profitable and safe what makes it powerful is that it is fully scalable. You won’t have to invest anything in inventory, so you won’t face any financial hurdles when it comes to scaling plus the websites you will learn to build are super easy to replicate over and over again but each one of them still remain high quality!

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100k Factory Revolution Program Details

There will be an eight week web-class that consists of live training workshops which will walk you through intricate details of the process. Also, there are many “how to” instructional videos, a comprehensive business planning kit and numerous PDF manuals showing you how to build a $100k/year business with just four websites. This is just conservative estimate, as many websites can even earn thousands of dollars per month.

All training is done by Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton. The founders also run the specialized support system of the program. This means they are 100 percent in control of the quality of the training. You are also assured of 100 percent customer satisfaction.

What you will like the most is that all the training is delivered in “over the shoulder” way, which means you can actually see ways to copy the method and replicate the results.

100k Factory Revolution also get access to custom-made software that can help you build websites and put content on them at the push of a button. Once your website is up and running, you are taken to vigorous training that will teach you ways to bring and maintain loads of traffic to your sites. For example, how to do effective market research.

You will also get access to resources that will help you launch highly optimized viral sites fasts. You will also learn how to get huge amounts of free traffic fast which will result in fast earnings. With viral approach you will start earning money in just hours.

Fast earnings are also possible since this program focuses on multiple revenue sources from affiliate links and AdSense to services and products sales and email lead generation traffic among other monetization avenues. Its custom built tool suite reduces time it takes to generate online income.

100k Factory Revolution  Software

According to a 100k Factory Revolution review the program comes with special software known as the 100k Launchpad that is designed specifically to help you make money online fast and easy. The Launchpad offers several tools namely;

  • The content repository – The content repository has all necessary resources to create good websites fast. Its monstrous content library can be used to get top quality content fast and easy.
  • The conversion optimization engine – This tool incorporates split test control, exit intent popups, advanced optin form integration, and more, which is super easy to customize.
  • The website factory – This tool is high quality website builder that has necessary resources to help you build fantastic websites. It uses custom built high quality WordPress themes and allows you to manage and add fresh content easily from the dashboard.

In a nutshell, the program’s powerful software is packed with many tools that make it super easy to build websites that are customized effectively for rapid conversions.

What is the Price of this Product?

The 100K Factory Revolution is priced at $2497. It is very affordable price and comes with full 100 percent money back guarantee.


The 100k Factory Revolution is an awesome program that has been designed with many options of starting you off and moving fast forward step-by-step into greater possibilities of earning huge amounts of income each month. In addition, its income streams are greatly varied and highly practical. Lastly, it’s a feature rich and flexible program with ease of navigation and control that allows you to always be in the driver’s seat.

All in all, its definitely a worthy investment. If you’re looking to tap the promising world of online possibilities then 100k Factory Revolution is the only way to go!

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Product Name: Dark Post Engine
Product Creator: Jimmy Kim & Fred Lam
Price: $47 (One Time Payment)
Website: www.DarkPostEngine.com
The Verdict: 100% Recommended!

Make Incredible Profits on Facebook Ad Campaigns Using Dark Post Engine


Dark Post Engine is the latest software created by Jimmy Kim & Fred Lam. It is a 2-in-1 cloud-based software that helps one create Facebook ads that reach the targeted audience with precision thereby eliminating any form of guesswork and in the process one saves money.

Dark Post Engine software has fascinating aspects which include;

  • Non-installation–the software is 100% cloud and web-based, therefore, one does not have to go through the rigorous process of installing the software.
  • No more guesswork–most advertisers on Facebook carry out blind ad campaigns without the right know-how on the key aspects to look for. But with the Dark Post Engine software, that is not the case since the ad campaigns are targeted to the right audience.
  • With the Dark Post Software, one can extract the exact landing page and ad from the competitor.
  • Also one will be able to save money because the advertising campaign will work. Therefore, the ad costs reduce and in the process, there is profit increase.
  • The software is also 100% Facebook compliant, unlike most advertising software.
  • One will also enjoy a one off fee without ongoing costs, re-bills or annual costs.
  • The software has step by step training guide that is easy to use.

What One Achieves With the Software

One will be able to eliminate guesswork of Facebook advertising using ‘relevance score’.  As such, understanding how Facebook uses relevance score is critical to any advertising company or organization because of several reasons.

Drastically Lowers the Cost of Reaching Target Audience

If an ad’s relevance score is high, the cost of reaching the target market is lower. As such, Dark Post Engine software is designed in a way that it delivers the right information to the right audience. Facebook can pick the signal in a favorable manner, and this ups the relevance score.

Ad Testing Before Running Campaigns

Dark Post Engine helps advertisers to test different combinations of images and copy with various audiences to monitor the ones that bring out the highest relevance scores and thereby save costs before running full ad campaigns.

Optimizing Ongoing Ad Campaigns

Advertisers optimize relevance scores by use of Dark Post Engine, for instance, if a drive score starts nose-diving, one may refresh the ads creative or audience.

As such, Dark Post Engine helps one master the art of ‘relevance score’ using two types of engines namely; Top Post Engine and Ad post Engine.

1. Top Post Engine

Top Post Engine software helps one craft the perfect ad message and in the process master the art of relevance score. One does this by entering the targeted Facebook page—the software brings out the most engaging posts ranging from 30 to 180 days. With the kind of information, one can effectively come up with a message that passes the same information to your target audience. The process eliminates guesswork and in the process increases the relevance score.

2. Ad Post Engine

The software extracts the messages, images, and landing pages that have been a success. With the software, one can see what is working and in the process eliminate any guesswork.

Dark Post Engine Demo Video

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What One Gets with the Software

The Primary Software

Dark Post Engine comes in downloadable form upon payment.

Dark Post Engine Bonus

Bonus #1: Dark Post Engine Mastery Training


The Dark Post Engine primary guide comes with a bonus—Dark Post Engine Mastery Training e-book. The e-book is a guide that helps one learn the tips and tricks that one can effectively use to run successful Facebook ad campaigns using the Dark Post Engine software.

Bonus #2: Share and Redirect Software

Share and Redirect Software

The software allows one to make use of any image, add it to a link and post it on Facebook after adding the retargeted audience.

Pros and Cons of the Software


The software comes with a 100% 30-day money back guarantee if one is not happy with the software.

The software is also Facebook compliant because the creators followed Facebook’s strict guidelines so that one’s online ad campaigns can succeed without a hitch.


One ought to read and follow the instructions so as to run an efficient ad campaign on Facebook. Therefore, time and effort on the customer’s part are expected.

Verdict- Is Dark Post Engine Software Worth Buying?

Absolutely. The software is ideal for anyone thinking of running an efficient ad campaign on Facebook. The price is also very affordable in comparison with other software on the market promising the same results.

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